Secures dynamic DevOps environment



"We’re able to protect a container pre-runtime by understanding what’s going on in the environment from a security perspective before it even hits production."

Jason Cradit
Sr. Director, Information and Technology


Pivvot is a software company that delivers cloud-based intelligent asset management systems to infrastructure organizations in industries such as oil and gas, power, and transport. It needed to ensure security while continuing to empower ongoing and rapid innovation. To be agile and maintain constant release cycles, Pivvot relies on a cloud-based microservices architecture. It has moved to Docker® and Amazon Elastic Container Service™ (ECS) in Amazon Web Services™ (AWS) for scalability and high-performance container orchestration.


Pivvot manages highly sensitive customer data assets and delivers solutions to a diverse customer base in the public cloud. Working with clients in industries where security is paramount, Pivvot maintains a highly secure application development pipeline. This requires build scanning, image registry scanning at pre-runtime, securing the host, and providing Docker® and Kubernetes® protection at runtime. The constant changes in the threat environment create an ongoing challenge. Pivvot must go from build to deploy quickly and with confidence that solutions are secure when released to production.

With software in DevOps environments delivered continuously, security must be automated and built in from the start. Pivvot needed a flexible, scalable, and integrated security solution that could:

  • Ensure data assets remain secure throughout the product development life cycle and life of the product
  • Enable fast and simple development processes that include security
  • Provide flexibility and scalability to meet customer and business requirements
  • Keep up with the rapidly changing development environment on AWS



With Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Smart Check, security is embedded into Pivvot’s development process, allowing them to:

  • Develop new applications that meet compliance requirements and customer demands from the start—at first build and in each subsequent build
  • Operationalize new products and be able to scale more quickly and easily by taking advantage of Deep Security’s automation capabilities
  • Support the migration of its APIs to a container architecture on Amazon ECS by using Smart Check for continuous container image scanning
  • Detect vulnerabilities pre-runtime with Smart Check’s dashboard visibility
  • Build with confidence, knowing that Trend Micro is able to keep pace with Amazon’s development environment and services


Every one of Pivvot’s customers is unique in their needs. By applying smart security controls that meet security, compliance, and customer requirements, Smart Check helps Pivvot build securely so it can focus on customer enablement and business growth.