Insurance Cyber Security

Encrypt, email, and audit data movements and manage virtual machines

The threat landscape

Personally Identifiable Information is a precious asset at the heart of every insurance database and relentlessly sought after by cyber criminals. Insurers have an obligation to customers, intermediaries, and regulators to safeguard this valuable data and meet the compliance requirements outlined by The Financial Services Authority and the Personal Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

Effective security for the insurance sector

As required by The 2007 Anti Money Laundering Regulations, insurers, IFA intermediaries, and broker supply chains must maintain robust secure data security practices and controls or face steep fines and shattered reputations.

From pioneering standardised email encryption, to data audit and control solutions, to managing security across virtual machines – we can help secure your world and reduce risk.

Encrypt email across your network.
Protect sensitive communications.

Email is inherently insecure – messages are sent in “blocks” that can be easily intercepted.

87% of UK life insurers don’t have secure email systems, and over half report waiting for an industry standard to be enforced.*

In response, we partnered with the UK’s financial services industry body, Origo, to bring you Unipass Securemail, an advanced email encryption solution that:

  • Lets you exchange sensitive information quickly and securely
  • Prevents data leaks and loss
  • Works with any email client or mailbox
  • Is easy to use
  • Requires no pre-enrolment or exchange of keys
  • Takes a simple one-time registration on first use. **

Take control over your data and employee compliance

To help you address security vulnerabilities and regulatory requirements with your data at rest, in use, or in transit, our audit controls identify where the data is, whether it’s sensitive, and if it’s adequately encrypted or otherwise protected. For example, you can regularly scan employees’ laptops, query all instances of Personally Identifiable Information and act to eliminate exposure and risk. You also have visibility over the movement of data and potential vulnerabilities or compliance conflicts.

Investigate, report, and manage threats

If your system has been hacked or exposed to malware, our technology can detect and report these threats and any changes to your data. Coupled with solutions for data leak protection, policy-based validation and enforcement, and email encryption, these capabilities help you meet your compliance requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

The challenges of secure virtualisation

Server virtualization offers insurers many cost, resource-management, and efficiency benefits but not without unique security risks. While each virtual machine on the physical server demands its own malware security, anti-malware solutions are seldom “virtually aware”, and a simultaneous full system scan slows down host performance.

Conventional VM security can’t scan or update dormant machines, posing significant risk to virtual environments. Machines are brought online with virus pattern files out of date and vulnerable to malware infections. In the high-use insurance environment, patching is minimal or non-existent exposing vulnerabilities to internal and external attacks.

How we can help

Our content security solutions are specifically designed to meet these virtualised data centre challenges. You get layered core protection with dedicated scanning virtual machines and real-time patching agents within each machine, shielding data from threats and deploying updates seamlessly on the fly.

** Insurance industry licensing ensures the service is free for all your IFAs and their clients