Ensures compliance and lowers its clients’ costs with
Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption


Offering superior managed services to customers around the world takes a commitment to strong IT security. Founded in 2007, AlertBoot offers managed IT services such as disk encryption, cloud-based data, and mobile device security services to companies of all sizes. AlertBoot’s IT infrastructure includes 200 virtual machines centrally managed through a web-based console. The firm has 60 IT engineers and sales employees spread across offices in Las Vegas, New York, Boston, India, and South Korea. AlertBoot also uses the cloud to connect its team.

Serving approximately 2,000 global customers ranging from sole proprietors to large enterprises, AlertBoot is fulfilling its vision of bringing enterprise class software to every size of company. The firm manages more than 300,000 endpoints in highly regulated industries such as finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. AlertBoot has been a Trend Micro partner since 2012 and currently deploys Trend MicroTM Security for both its staff and customers.


Companies that utilize managed services are always looking for the best in IT security. Experiencing a growing demand for disk encryption from its customer base, AlertBoot decided to research easy-to-use security solutions that would increase the stability of their managed services and improve end-user productivity. “Providing managed services requires us to be ahead of the game when it comes to the security of our IT environment,” said Tim Maliyil, Founder and CEO of AlertBoot. “Our clients don’t want to spend their time solving security glitches or recovering from crashes.”

In addition to improving customer satisfaction, AlertBoot wanted simplified maintenance and support of their security services with central management. “The environment we work in is constantly evolving, and our clients are looking for managed security services that can adapt on the fly while maintaining high levels of performance,” said Maliyil. “We were looking for an endpoint encryption solution that provided optimal levels of service for our customers and was easy to manage.”

AlertBoot also looked to the endpoint encryption to protect its own intellectual property, such as source code, customer lists, and customer interactions. “We require tools that handle both our IT environments and those of our customers. With a lean workforce, we need to meet our business goals while providing enterprise level services for clients,” said Maliyil.

While providing improved security to its customers was top of mind, AlertBoot also faced new challenges from HIPAA compliance regulations introduced in 2013. The new regulations mandated that businesses that support healthcare organizations, like AlertBoot, must now comply with HIPAA regulations. “Healthcare firms experienced increased compliance mandates last year and we needed to provide security that met regulations for our healthcare clients and their managed services,” said Maliyil.


Having found the right disk encryption solution, AlertBoot deployed Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption with policy-based encryption and comprehensive data security for laptops, desktops, removable media, and mobile devices. Endpoint Encryption allows AlertBoot to maintain compliance through certifications including FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and HIPAA. “Trend Micro had the trust of the US government and was the logical choice,” said Maliyil. “Their solution created a much higher level of stability for our managed services, and it was easy to install and deploy.”

AlertBoot now leverages secure clean-sweep and kill-device capabilities that ensure lost devices won’t be compromised. “Customers come to us looking for a sense of relief concerning IT security,” said Maliyil. “They now rest easy knowing that the IT environments we support are automatically protected with Trend Micro.”

What’s important to AlertBoot is the advanced reporting and auditing that provide visibility across customer and internal operations and continually improves productivity. “We unify our mobility and disk encryption management on a single web-based console to make it simple for our customers,” said Maliyil. “This way, our customers can focus on growing their business, while we take care of security.”

To further simplify its security management, AlertBoot is in the staging process with Trend Micro™ Control Manager™ solution. “We are looking forward to using Control Manager’s central policy management and configuration features” said Maliyil. “We’re excited about expanding our central management to other aspects of our business.”

Why Trend Micro

AlertBoot investigated a number of security vendor solutions, but found that none of the solutions met the scalability, quality, and usability demands they required for their customers. Because AlertBoot already had success with Trend Micro Mobile Security, they tested and were impressed with Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption.

AlertBoot also appreciated Trend Micro’s team approach to security solutions. Combined with proven experience with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) and HIPAA requirements, AlertBoot felt that Trend Micro was the best choice to provide endpoint encryption and secure its IT environments.


Since deploying Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption, AlertBoot has significantly reduced management time and resources devoted to security—and passed those savings on to its customers. “With Trend Micro, we’ve been able to reduce our management expenses and cut pricing to customers by 50%,” said Maliyil. “To date, we’ve sold 3,000 Endpoint Encryption licenses and we anticipate 100% deployment to all 300,000 endpoints in the future.”

In addition to lower pricing, AlertBoot can now close a sale faster, thanks to the automated capabilities of Endpoint Encryption. “In one case, a potential customer installed a free Endpoint Encryption trial on a Thursday, and by Friday we won their business and deployed 250 endpoints by the end of the day,” said Maliyil. “Results like this are valued by both our customers and our sales team.”

Because Endpoint Encryption is so easy to use, it allows AlertBoot to handle most issues internally. “By unifying the management of our services onto a single console, we’re able to provide better support for our customers and make well-informed decisions that improve our productivity,” said Maliyil.

“Reporting is one of the solution’s strongest capabilities,” said Maliyil. “We run customer reports through our system with data from Endpoint Encryption. It shows an inventory of endpoints and devices, as well as proves compliance with regulations like HIPAA. Endpoint Encryption helps our healthcare customers meet compliance deadlines quickly and is a complete game changer for their productivity.”

What's Next

Pleased with its partnership with Trend Micro, AlertBoot plans to migrate to the next versions of Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption and Trend Micro Mobile Security, and deploy Trend Micro Control Manager across their system. “We couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Trend Micro. They’ve been responsive to our needs as we move forward with their products and services,” said Maliyil.