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Vision Bank is a regional financial institution with holdings of more than $659 million in assets and aggressive plans to double that number in coming years. The bank offers a robust suite of lending and deposit services for individuals and businesses across 11 branches in Oklahoma. To reach their goals, the bank needs a fully protected network, and a trusted partner that can meet its needs now and in the future.

Vision Bank needed strong, reliable protection for its network. After testing the market with a variety of solutions, it landed on Trend Micro™ TippingPoint. With Trend Micro, the bank also found a partner that was as invested in its success. Since partnering with Trend Micro, the bank has increased its security capabilities by leveraging Trend Micro Apex One™ and the full suite of Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ solutions—all made simpler with the straightforward console from Trend Micro Vision One™ with XDR capabilities.

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  • Tailors a scalable, customizable product suite to Vision Bank’s needs, with a roadmap for growth
  • Reduces complexity and increases visibility with a simple, powerful, integrated interface
  • Keeps pace with the evolving threat landscape by providing adaptable threat detection and mitigation


Vision Bank faced a core problem familiar to experienced security leaders: its security was only as good as its end users. It needed a best-in-breed solution for its endpoints with the capability to scale with the bank’s ambitious growth goals. Further, System Administrator Chase Renes needed strong server and malware protection to prevent incidents on his perimeter. With a small IT team, he also needed tools that were powerful but simple enough to operate without adding headcount. Ideally, the tools would support the team and be an all-in-one solution to avoid multiple logins. Finally, Vision Bank needed the right partner at the right price.

“We had tried other tools that didn’t deliver exactly what we needed,” says Renes.

With Trend Micro, you’ve got a suite of products and a partner that’s monitoring it all on your behalf. Step after step, they are there. To me, that’s worth every penny.

Chase Renes

System Administrator, Vision Bank


“With other products, if you want a certain feature, you have to buy something that’s mainly for enterprise and pay the same price. Trend Micro had solutions that fit our company size and requirements with all the benefits and a path forward. That kind of scalability grabbed us right away,” says Renes.

Trend Micro also tailored solutions specifically to Vision Bank, beginning with TippingPoint and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector to ensure the strongest possible network protection. Not only were the tools powerful, but they also reduced Renes’ workload. He also considers the protection from network to endpoint the best Vision Bank has ever had.

“TippingPoint is hands-down the greatest IPS I’ve ever used to protect my network. It’s so simple to use; it does everything we need on its own,” says Renes.

TippingPoint is hands down the greatest IPS I’ve ever used to protect my network. It’s so simple to use; it does everything we need on its own.

Chase Renes

System Administrator, Vision Bank


As Vision Bank expanded its partnership with Trend Micro, it benefitted from the fully integrated suite of solutions, creating a comprehensive, single-source security operation that achieved the simplicity that Renes and his team needed. Renes saw that Vision Bank could also leverage network security capabilities with Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Director and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer. He found enormous value in the sandboxing capability and the ease of integration with his firewall. The autonomous aspects of the toolset - including automatic updates and IoC sharing - have also been a huge asset.

“Trend Micro Vision One with Managed XDR keeps us aware of what’s happening in our network at all times. Before, if something happened at midnight, I wouldn’t see it until the next day. Trend Micro has automatic responses. It does the work for us,” says Renes. “I have XDR feeding into all my products, which gives me full visibility into what is going on in my environment and network.”


The Trend Micro partnership has met each challenge that Renes has encountered. “Anytime I think of a new challenge, a month later Trend Micro comes out with the solution to solve it,” says Renes. “We have also had a great experience working with Trend Micro’s support team.”

Renes also enjoys the simplicity of an automated, unified suite of integrated solutions that can identify suspicious objects.

“The reporting from Trend Micro Vision One maximizes total visibility at increasingly granular levels of detail. This provides peace of mind and frees me to focus on value creation,” says Renes.

Rene values the relationship with Trend Micro engineers, and considers them an extension of Vision Bank’s IT team.

“It can be too much to handle by yourself. With Trend Micro, you’ve got a suite of products and a partner that’s monitoring it all on your behalf. Step after step, they are there. To me, that’s worth every penny we pay for it,” says Renes.


Trend Micro’s commitment to reliable customer service gives Vision Bank the confidence that they will be protected against future threats. “Things change, and other vendors didn’t change with them. But Trend Micro is always staying on top of their game with the changing threats,” says Renes

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