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Trend Micro Rescues Hampshire Fire Service Headquarters from Cyber Threats


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has been keeping the residents of the southern England county safe for over a quarter of a century. With 50 fire stations and over 70 engines operating across the Hampshire area, including the Isle of Wight, there is plenty to keep its 1,500 staff busy.

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A major challenge for the IT team came two years ago when the decision was made to migrate all employees to Microsoft 365® . During this digital transformation it realized that there was a major security gap that needed addressing in order to maintain ISO compliance


Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services migrated to Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Complete suite and Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector in early 2018.

Smart Protection Complete is Trend Micro’s flagship end user security suite designed to offer:

  • Centralized management via Trend Micro Apex Central™
  • Endpoint security – advanced detection and response, application control, vulnerability protection, and data loss prevention
  • Endpoint encryption
  • Mobile security
  • Web security
  • Email and collaboration security for email gateway, Microsoft 365, Gmail™, and cloud sharing
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

Deep Discovery Inspector is an advanced threat protection appliance designed to offer comprehensive visibility, detection, and response capabilities. It includes:

  • Threat detection via monitoring all ports and more than 80 protocols
  • Custom sandboxes that precisely match your organization to more accurately detect threats
  • Deployment in hardware or virtual configurations
  • Global threat intelligence from the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™
  • Specialized detection engines, correlation rules and custom sandboxing to detect all aspects of a targeted attack, not just malware


The solutions have worked to provide extra visibility and control, minimizing both cyber risk and any administrative overheads. Smart Protection Complete allows the service to keep a record of how cloud applications—like Microsoft® Teams, Microsoft® SharePoint® and Microsoft® OneDrive®—are being used and where malicious activity is happening. The Apex Central portal enables IT managers to view logs from different solutions that feed into a centralized location for quick auditing and visibility. If necessary, they can drill down for further investigations.

The Deep Discovery Inspector box has been able to block potentially catastrophic attacks and ensure that there are no dark corners for malicious actors to hide in. It has been particularly successful at shining a light on older protocols which could represent a security threat.

The migration to Microsoft 365 put the fire service in a good place operationally before the pandemic struck and forced many staff to work remotely. AddingTrend Micro to remote endpoints provides peace of mind that all user devices are protected, wherever they are.

The fire service is planning to migrate to Apex One for a fully cloud-based solution that will reduce power costs and server maintenance overheads.

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