Ib Salut

The health service of the Balearic Islands entrusts its security to Trend Micro


The Health Service of the Balearic Islands (Ib-Salut) is the agency in charge of providing public health services and coordinating all of the centers and health resources of the public network in the Balearic Islands. Focused on excellence and sanitary quality, Ib-Salut is a modern entity that encourages continuous training, teaching, research, and innovation, to adapt to the new needs of the population.

With a workforce of 15,000 professionals, Ib-Salut manages an average volume of three million clinical cases a year in the Balearic community. A service of such magnitude requires a robust and standardized security architecture to shield the IT infrastructure. Ib-Salut needed modern solutions that intelligently protect against ransomware and advanced malware, detecting and preventing possible incidents in advance.


Ib-Salut started with a diverse and complex security environment. Dealing with information silos made communication with other systems nearly impossible, and with so many anti-malware products being used, management became increasingly difficult. Protecting email communications and endpoints was a priority, considering the sensitivity of the data handled. Not having a dedicated team to implement and ensure the security strategy, Ib-Salut knew it needed endpoint security from a provider with experience in the market.

“The WannaCry ransomware marked the turning point,” explains Miguel Ángel Benito Tovar, head of the Information Security Service of the Information Security Office of Ib-Salut. “Although we did not suffer the attack, the magnitude of it and its consequences led us to consider modernizing our security ecosystem and decide to migrate our infrastructure and unify solutions. It urged us to simplify and automate security processes and gain comprehensive visibility and control in real time, eliminating possible gaps and being ready to act in case of an attack. “

"The migration in this sanitary environment is delicate, because you have to configure the solutions with special care. We are talking about application environments that require other protocols and extreme protection of the data."

Miguel Ángel Benito Tovar
Head of the Information Security Service
Information Security Office of the Health
Service of the Balearic Islands

Why Trend Micro

Ib-Salut chose Trend Micro and its Telefónica partner mainly because its proposal allowed for integration and homogenization. What’s more, it promoted working in a coordinated manner and segmenting access functions with identity management tools—one of the most critical functions for the entity. The closeness and support of both Trend Micro and Telefónica has been valuable to the project. “They have taken care to ensure that everything works perfectly and have acted like members of the Ib-Salut team, something of great value to us, especially if we take into account the geographical aspect. We do not want to be an island within another island and Trend Micro and Telefonica have broken these barriers, “says Tovar.

"With Trend Micro, we have managed to establish a homogenous security environment and interconnected solutions that facilitate and simplify the work, giving us visibility of everything that happens in the organization and allowing us to be more efficient with our resources"

Miguel Ángel Benito Tovar
Head of the Information Security Service
Information Security Office of the Health
Service of the Balearic Islands


With a distributed network, used by the thousands of employees who access their email and the internet daily, Ib-Salut needed to have an advanced security system.

Ib-Salut deployed Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ solution, which provides high fidelity machine learning along with other detection techniques, which offered ample protection against ransomware and advanced attacks. OfficeScan helped to eliminate security gaps in any user activity and on any endpoint. Additionally, the protection was extended with Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Analyzer network sandboxing, which provides rapid response and real-time signature updates to endpoints when a new threat is detected locally. This accelerates protection over time and reduces the spread of malware. Ib-Salut has gained visibility, management, and the ability to create reports in a centralized, simple, and uniform manner.

To protect its 15,000 email accounts, Ib-Salut implemented Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ for Microsoft® Exchange Server™. With its document vulnerability detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing, this solution has been critical in stopping highly selective email attacks and localized phishing

To improve employees’ awareness of phishing, Ib-Salut uses Trend Micro™ Phish Insight™, a free awareness service to help your organization resist online scams and test and educate your employees on how to spot phishing and avoid attacks.

Lastly, to ensure all aspects of its IT infrastructure are secure, Ib-Salut deployed Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ solution to protect its data centers. As well, they moved forward with the deployment of Trend Micro™ Mobile Security to ensure the protection of its mobile devices.


Ib-Salut is now enjoying a scalable, powerful, and flexible architecture, equipped with intelligence that allows users to access the network and connect from anywhere with ease. The agency can now confidently say that they are compliant with security regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and that their data is properly protected.

The new integrated security ecosystem has simplified management of security events and offers greater visibility of the entire company. All this has optimized efficiency, saving the agency time and costs of up to 20 percent. These functionalities have ensured that the security of Ib-Salut has increased as a whole, while simultaneously making users’ access to information more flexible and keeping management and administration tasks to a minimum.

What's next

Ib-Salut looks to deploy Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector, in order to gain 360o visibility to monitor all corners of the network, allowing for fast identification and mitigation of any malicious activity.

Ib-Salut is also very excited about Trend Micro releasing their new endpoint security, Trend Micro™ Apex One™. Once fully released, they will migrate from OfficeScan to Apex One and begin enjoying the advantages provided by this single agent.