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Achieves comprehensive network protection with proactive advanced threat detection and mitigation


Ananda Bazar Patrika Group (ABP) is a renowned media group with headquarters in Kolkata, India. ABP Group uses media to inform, educate, and entertain. With eleven leading publications, three news channels and one of India’s largest and most popular newspapers, ABP prides itself on showing the world to its customers each day.

The company has evolved from print-based media to leadership in new media, including television, mobile and internet properties. Products include the oldest Bengali newspaper, Anandabazar Patrika, and the most innovative British newspaper, The Telegraph—both with online editions. ABP Group is also the proud owner of Desh, India’s most culturally-revered magazine.

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  • Visibility into potential threats enables well-informed, immediate, and effective remedial measures
  • Proactive detection and mitigation of threats


ABP faced issues with spam, viruses, malware, network monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and patch management. They had difficulty securing its network and endpoints using traditional firewalls and antivirus products. ABP needed a solution that could protect the organisation against the growing number of targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats, and multistage malware—all designed to deceive and ultimately breach organisations and their security solutions.

ABP did not know whether its data could be stolen or end up in the wrong hands. The company wanted to gain visibility into its security posture and its crucially important IT infrastructure . “An organisation’s network is the lifeline that employees rely on to do their jobs and subsequently make money for the organisation,” said Abdur Rafi, chief manager of IT Infrastructure at ABP.


Before choosing Trend Micro, ABP evaluated options from other security vendors. They selected Trend Micro to solve their security challenges for several reasons, including experience with Trend Micro solutions. ABP had already been using Trend Micro’s security landscape to protect their organisation’s users, data, and systems.

ABP conducted a rigorous proof of concept (POC) and found that the Trend Micro solutions could identify systems that had already been infiltrated by attacks that were not detectable with traditional antivirus products. The POC also revealed comprehensive network security, which monitored all network ports and 100+ protocols to identify attacks anywhere on the network. In addition, Trend Micro solutions offered the centralized policy management for data and threat protection that ABP needed.

We always receive proactive and effective support from Trend Micro. Even after sales and installation, the backend technical team is very helpful in resolving issues.

Abdur Rafi

Chief Manager, IT Infrastructure
ABP Pvt. Ltd.


ABP selected Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ and Trend Micro™ Control Manager™ solutions to work in collaboration with the antivirus resolution and the proxy server. The special detection engine’s correlation rules configured by Deep Discovery detects all types of targeted attacks. Its custom sandboxing uses virtual images to precisely match ABP’s system configurations to safely detect targeted threats and global threat intelligence from the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™, powering attack investigations.

Deep Discovery simplified ABP’s security with a single appliance and enhanced the company’s existing cybersecurity investments. In addition, ABP did not have to worry about the hardware and operating system licensing because the solution was available as a complete appliance. All they needed to arrange was a 1U rack space for a single appliance, along with mirror ports of their VLANS.

Control Manager provides central threat and data loss prevention (DLP) policy management across layers of the IT infrastructure. Customizable data displays provide the visibility and situational awareness to rapidly assess status, identify threats, and respond to incidents. ABP can streamline administration and achieve more consistent policy enforcement with single-click deployment of data protection policies across endpoint, messaging, and gateway solutions.

All of Trend Micro’s products have proven to be lightweight and extremely cost-effective.

Abdur Rafi

Chief Manager, IT Infrastructure
ABP Pvt. Ltd.


Even though ABP conducted a rigorous POC spread across a month, the implementation was smooth and completed in one day. “We always receive proactive and effective support from Trend Micro. All of Trend Micro’s products have proven to be lightweight and extremely cost-effective,” says Rafi.

The deployment gave ABP visibility into threats and the ability to take well-informed, immediate, and effective remedial measures. The company, enabled by Trend Micro’s solution, has now become extremely proactive at detecting advanced threats and mitigating them.

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