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Increases endpoint protection, reduces costs 60% by switching to Trend Micro


As a leading manufacturer of kaolin clay, a mineral chiefly used in papermaking, Thiele Kaolin Company stays competitive by acquiring companies and expanding into new markets. The strategy has driven growth and success, but it has also added complexity to their security infrastructure. With Trend Micro as its security partner, Thiele Kaolin has evolved their security posture along with the growing needs of the organisation.

We were reluctant to leave our current security provider, but after doing the deep dive, it became clear that moving to Trend Micro was in our best long-term interest.

Mark Bailey

Manager of Information Services
Thiele Kaolin Company






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  • Reduces cost of endpoint protection by approximately 60% compared to incumbent
  • Eliminates malicious activity on endpoints with automation
  • Automates updates to ensure up-todate security protection


With the coated paper industry in decline, Thiele Kaolin started to move into new markets, the company needed to improve their security posture while tightly controlling costs. Mark Bailey, Manager of Information Services, was charged with securing a newly diverse and dispersed network of assets with his small security team without increasing costs.

To add to the challenge, the contract for Thiele Kaolin’s incumbent security provider was up for renewal. “Our incumbent provider was changing the way their relationships with mid-size companies were managed and that was going to increase costs for us. Their customer support was slow, which made us uneasy. New threats emerge constantly, so you can’t be complacent. We felt the incumbent was focused more on revenue than on security,” says Bailey.

Our relationship with Trend Micro helps us control the cost of endpoint protection, reducing it by approximately 60%.

Mark Bailey

Manager of Information Services
Thiele Kaolin Company


Bailey’s team decided to conduct a deep-dive investigation of three security companies who appeared in the leadership position of the Gartner® Magic Quadrant, which included Trend Micro. “Trend Micro’s reputation put them at the top of our short list,” says Bailey.

After a thorough examination of all three solutions, Thiele Kaolin selected Trend Micro. “We were reluctant to leave our current security provider, but after doing the deep dive, it became clear that moving to Trend Micro was in our best long- term interest,” says Bailey.

In addition to Trend Micro’s complete data and endpoint protection, their responsiveness and dedication was a differentiator. “The passion Trend Micro personnel had for innovating and providing a great solution was clear. Trend Micro had an openness and willingness to talk with us about our needs,” says Bailey. “It was our best long-term solution.”


Thiele Kaolin launched a proof of concept of Trend Micro Apex One for their endpoints, which offers advanced automated threat detection and response against a wide variety of threats. “Trend Micro Apex One’s automation is important to my team, as is the customisable dashboard that makes it easy to monitor threats and anomalies. The incumbent provider’s endpoint protection did not include any investigative tools other than notification that specific activity occurred on an endpoint,” says Ed Harper, Senior Security Systems Administrator at Thiele Kaolin.

Trend Micro Apex Central, the solution’s central management control makes it quick and easy to create and modify policies. “The simplified administration is very important because we have the same threats to manage as larger companies. Being able to drill down and see the details with Trend Micro Apex One is huge for us,” says Bailey. The addition of endpoint detection and response (EDR) also extended greater visibility for the IT Team.

Bailey’s team also appreciated the easy way the Trend Micro team uninstalled Thiele Kaolin’s previous solution. “Trend Micro has a tool that looks for competitive agents to reduce resource contention and that made it easier. They helped us ensure all the old software was gone, to prevent any conflict with the new software,” says Bailey.


Since implementing Trend Micro Apex One, Bailey’s team has seen the number of detected threats drop substantially. “We have not had any malicious activity on our endpoints since installing Trend Micro,” says Harper. Using Trend Micro Apex One is also helping the company reduce expenses as its customer base and the industry evolves. “Our relationship with Trend Micro helps us control the cost of endpoint protection, reducing it by approximately 60%,” says Bailey.

Finally, automated updates ensure that Thiele Kaolin clients always have up-to-date security protection. “We updated the server recently and all the clients started updating automatically. Keeping the software up to date is essential and seeing this work effectively was important to us,” says Bailey.


Thiele Kaolin’s manufacturing division is currently exploring TXOne, Trend Micro’s industrial intrusion prevention system, through another proof of concept. “COVID-19 reinforced the need to look at solutions that give manufacturing employees more flexibility. We are excited about TXOne because it will enable better security and remote management so we’ll be better prepared for any future disruptive events,” says Bailey.

Beyond that, Thiele Kaolin leaders are looking for opportunities to grow and diversify the business. “We acquired two companies in the past few years and we anticipate more in the future. Trend Micro makes us more flexible. As we acquire new businesses and our networking becomes more complex, Trend Micro will help us ensure a smooth and safe transition,” says Bailey.

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