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Eli Global is a globally diversified information and financial services group with 40 business units across three continents. Founded in 1991, the group is based in Durham, North Carolina and has offices in the United States, Canada, India, Ireland, and in the Philippines. Eli Group, based in India, is a subsidiary of Eli Global, and has 5000+ employees.

Eli Global


Financial Services




Asia Pacific, North America, Europe

IT Environment

Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix across physical, virtual and cloud platforms


  • Identifies and shields against vulnerabilities
  • Monitors and shields incoming traffic
  • Reduces cost and complexity with centralised security controls
  • Enhances network performance with seamless integration of all systems


Eli Group faced increasing cyber-attacks that placed critical assets, network performance, and business operations at risk. Without visibility across their threat landscape, the company had no way to identify and stop threats before they entered the network or were already resident. Despite several solutions from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Eli Group was unable to correlate and consolidate various attack patterns, leaving them vulnerable to threats. In addition, the organisation’s existing solutions from multiple OEMs were operating in silos, which led to inefficient network performance and limited visibility.

Eli Global felt it was critical that Eli Group data and application servers were protected against advanced threats. They wanted to understand how targeted attacks infiltrate an organisation and how to detect, analyse, adapt, and respond to them across the threat lifecycle—and they needed consistent patching and shielding against vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro helped us build a robust defense system that not only helped us identify and shield against vulnerabilities, but also fully secured our network.

Upendra Singh

Director, Global IT, Eli Group


The powerful combination of Trend Micro solutions and domain expertise made the choice easy for the Eli Group. Trend Micro worked with the company to identify and contain cyberattacks and safeguard their network from advanced malware and network exploits, as well as potential operating system and application vulnerabilities. The Trend Micro solutions also offered visibility across the threat landscape, protection against the complete lifecycle of targeted attacks, and initiated proactive responses to contain these threats before they affected the network.


Eli Group implemented the Trend Micro™ Connected Threat Defence strategy to gain a 360-degree view of networks, endpoints, and data centres. Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ and Trend Micro™ Deep Security™, which form a critical part of Connected Threat Defence, provide a layered approach to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. A combination of anti-APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) and Deep Security™ was also deployed to provide complete visibility, scanning, and disinfection of incoming malware and associated threats.

With a wide range of capabilities optimised across environments, managed from a single dashboard, Deep Security was implemented enterprise-wide to protect multiple operating systems, including Microsoft® Windows®, Linux®, and Unix® across physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. anti-APT allowed Eli Group to monitor all inbound, outbound, and internal network traffic, regardless of the ports or protocols involved.


With Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defence strategy, Eli Group can build comprehensive security systems and protocols to protect critical business applications, networks, and endpoints. The centrally managed platform of Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ helps Eli Group simplify security operations and reduce costs across multiple environments.

Deep Security™ protects the company’s enterprise applications, and data from breaches, including newer attacks using ransomware, without requiring emergency patching. With consistent shielding against vulnerabilities, Eli Group now secures its critical data while seamless integration facilitates effective communication with internal systems to enhance network security and performance. The solution also helps protect businesscritical servers from advanced threats targeting operating system and application vulnerabilities.

With anti-APT, the company rapidly identifies issues at the early stages of targeted attacks and investigates suspicious files through comprehensive analysis of payloads to detect advanced malware, including previously unknown “zero-day” attacks.

Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ provides Eli Group with a complete view of their network, including visibility into all aspects of targeted attacks and advanced threats. Through the use of extensive detection techniques, monitoring of all network traffic, custom sandbox analysis, and correlated threat intelligence, Deep Discovery™ detects and analyses advanced attacks, command-and-control (C&C) communications, and evasive attacker activities that are invisible to standard security defences. “Trend Micro helped us build a robust defence system that not only helped us identify and shield against vulnerabilities, but also fully secured our network,” said Upendra Singh, Director, Global IT, Eli Group.

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