Government Cyber Security

Reduce cost and secure virtual environments

The threat landscape

Central government, agencies, and local authorities are responsible for substantial amounts of sensitive information all while under pressure to manage IT assets and operations more cost effectively.

The everyday security challenges and risks posed by, for instance, remote network access over VPN, require constant vigilance. Maintaining robust security without compromising user productivity across all distributed and mobile endpoints is paramount.

Effective security for government

With solutions ranging from virtualisation-aware malware protection for virtual machines, to intelligent endpoint security optimised for virtual desktops, we have the expertise to address these difficult pressures on public sector services. With our solutions, you can secure sensitive networks whilst reducing operating costs and extending hardware lifecycles.

Reduce the cost of security

Fully approved for national procurement frameworks, including CITHS, we offer the public sector decisive, direct ways to reduce the cost of securing and managing servers and endpoints.

Our protection is optimised for virtual environments — you can secure endpoints centrally, improve performance, and lower risk and cost of ownership. Deploying virtual desktop-aware solutions, for instance, doubles the number of desktop images per host without sacrificing security. Within only 2 months and with 1000 users, the investment pays for itself.

Protecting virtualised environments

GCSx, the Government Connect Secure Extranet, is a powerful infrastructure for distributed communication. But a national, dispersed, typically mobile user base poses new security and performance challenges for public sector operations.

While the economies of virtual machines and virtual desktops make virtualisation a business imperative, conventional anti-malware solutions are not “virtually aware”, and a simultaneous full system scan can significantly degrade performance. To improve usability for remote users connecting via a VPN, security policies may be deliberately “relaxed”. If remote updating is disabled to preserve bandwidth, endpoints may become infected, jeopardising the entire network. The threat increases with out-of-hours use of home or unsecured networks.

How we can help

Our protection, built specifically for the virtual environment, applies constant, robust security to both physical endpoints and virtual server and desktop and environments. There’s no impact on user performance and consolidation rates are dramatically improved.