Trend Micro: Supporting Europe’s efforts to boost cyber readiness

Trend Micro fully supports The EU’s European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) initiative by offering free software, guides and tools.


Marlow, UK - 2nd October 2012 - Bombarded by new technology on an almost daily basis, we can sometimes forget that cyber security, in the end, comes down to the user. None of the latest and greatest products can protect us 100 per cent of the time, because there's always the great imponderable of human error to contend with. This is why user education and raising awareness is so important and that's why Trend Micro fully supports The EU's European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) initiative.

The ECSM, the first of its kind across Europe, is co-ordinated by the EU's own security agency ENISA with a mission to promote best practices and raise cyber security awareness and educate through a diverse range of on- and offline programs. From Trend Micro's perspective, we feel it's great so many countries across the region are taking part as we can't afford to let the bad guys get a foothold anywhere – they've already proven themselves to be past masters at exploiting any weaknesses in our cyber resilience.

Think about how most attacks are launched these days. Denial of service attacks that render web sites unusable, spam, information-stealing malware, phishing emails and a host of other scams can are all made possible thanks to the millions of compromised computers across the globe known as botnets. Many of the users of these machines have no idea that they are secretly being controlled by criminal gangs. How did they become compromised in the first place? Usually because the user failed to switch on automatic updates or keep up-to-date security software on their PC.

That's why cyber security awareness is so important. If we can all be more switched on about the threats out there, we can begin to make life difficult for the bad guys. As Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes says, it doesn't matter who you are – a parent, a business owner or just a regular internet user – the same best practices apply. Knowledge is power, so let's start getting proactive about our online safety and turn the heat up on the cyber criminals for once.

Today's cybercriminal is an expert in social engineering, finding ever more cunning ways to fool their victims into infecting their own devices, whether that be a PC or a smartphone", said Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communications at Trend Micro. "Our economies and in many ways, our everyday lives are now are entirely reliant on the digital and the internet. It is absolutely vital that we all do our bit to make sure there is no online slow lane when it comes to web wisdom and security-savvy."

As part of the awareness campaign, Trend Micro is offering consumers a number of free tools and guides, including:

The Big 6 Online Issues
General Security
ID Theft
Social Networks
Mobile Phones
Adult sites

Quick Tips For Online Safety
Common Questions and Concerns

Free to download
HouseCall - scans your computer for viruses, spyware, and more.
Smart Surfing for iPhone - protect yourself and your iPhone from Internet threats.
ThreatWatch App for iPhone - get instant security alerts with the Threat Watch iPhone App.
Trend Micro Mobile Backup and Restore (Android)


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