Schools and Education

Trend Micro is invested in helping to build the future




Committed to education

We have several initiatives to give back to the community by helping schools – from elementary through to universities – by providing much needed education, resources, and equipment.

“Building a Future” Annual Service Project

Since 2013, Trend Micro has heavily invested in it’s “Building a Future” Annual Service Project. One day each year, up to 700 Trend Micro employees gather together to volunteer with local schools in need. Depending on the school’s needs, Trenders will help with anything from building picnic tables and bookshelves, to helping students read, or delivering school equipment or cash donations.

Internet Safety for Kids & Families

Our Internet Safety for Kids & Families program has been delivering free tools to PTO/PTAs across the United States since 2010 to educate parents about Internet safety.

More than 5,000 schools nationwide have participated in Internet Safety Night — a project we sponsor in partnership with PTO Today. Trend Micro volunteers are given the opportunity to make presentations to these schools about safe and responsible Internet use.

What’s Your Story? Contest

“What’s Your Story?” is an international video competition that encourages young people to lead the way in Internet education. The competition, open to everyone aged 13 and over (including individuals and schools), aims to help parents, teachers, and young people to become more aware of Internet safety, encouraging and enabling them to act safely and responsibly online.

Working with universities

We work with local universities around the globe to help develop student talent. Projects include working with the City of Westminster College in the U.K., to provide students with opportunities to gain work experience, showcase their work and earn scholarships and bursaries.

In Taiwan, Trend Micro has donated funding, equipment, and servers to Taiwan National University and Fu Jen Catholic University to enhance learning programs.

And in the US, we’ve donated funds to the Mission College Center for Innovation and Technology to enhance the cybersecurity course curriculum.

Summer programs

Trend Micro also hosts a “Summer Seminar” for elementary school children, teaching the importance of online security. This initiative started in Japan in 2004, and spread globally. There are approximately 70 Trenders registered as volunteer staff, with many more Trend Micro volunteers active in multiple countries around the world including the Philippines, Italy, France, Germany, and Argentina.

Art against Cybercrime

This is a German school project encouraging students to share their interpretation of cybercrime by way of artwork.