City of Tyler

CIO focuses on protecting data-driven services for its citizens


The City of Tyler, Texas, is dedicated to providing its citizens with a modern, connected infrastructure that enhances their lives and is both safe and secure. In order to achieve the highest level of security for its data driven services, the city partnered with Trend Micro to implement a suite of Trend Micro solutions that are connected and automated. As a result, the city boosted its security while freeing up its employees to do what the City of Tyler does best—serve its approximately 105,000 citizens.

The city’s citizens enjoy exceptional services, including immediate access to data and self-services on its website for public safety, transportation, parks and recreation, sanitation, and more.


The City of Tyler wanted to balance its citizens’ needs while making the best use of resources and staff. The city’s focus on investing in technologies has enabled it to increase efficiency, improve employee productivity, and enhance community services. A data breach in 2018 gave the city a new priority to increase the level of data security. “As we provide citizen convenience, we must also secure our environment end to end,” said Benny Yazdanpanahi, Chief Information Officer for the City of Tyler

In addition, the city must meet a variety of compliance requirements, such as HIPAA for health-related services and PCI compliance for online payments. The city also provides IT services to two nearby cities, requiring its security to extend to those jurisdictions.

The city also needed to increase its visibility across its IT environment, including software from vendors and third parties. The city had to improve visibility into its data centers, bolster security across its endpoints and networks, and ensure regular data backups. “With a small staff of 13 employees, we couldn’t do everything. We needed a strong partner like Trend Micro to assist us,” says Yazdanpanahi.

Why Trend Micro

When the 2018 data breach hit many US cities, those that were protected by Trend Micro were not affected. This got Yazdanpanahi’s attention. A long-time user of their TippingPoint solution, the City of Tyler turned to Trend Micro to strengthen its security and gain the visibility it was looking for. “With the automated and connected solutions from Trend Micro, the city can see a threat emerging all the way from an endpoint to TippingPoint, and the solutions collaborate with each other. Trend Micro brings it all together,” says Yazdanpanahi.

“Every time I call Trend Micro, I get a person who is both helpful and knowledgeable. Our city motto is, ‘We are called to serve.’ Trend Micro has a similar attitude. They care about their customers and it shows. We wanted a partner with a philosophy like ours,” says Yazdanpanahi.

"With the automated and connected solutions from Trend Micro, the city can see a threat emerging all the way from an endpoint to TippingPoint, and the solutions collaborate with each other. Trend Micro brings it all together."

Benny Yazdanpanahi
Chief Information Officer
City of Tyler


TippingPoint was the city’s first experience with Trend Micro, and the solution continues to deliver. “We count on TippingPoint to protect us. With TippingPoint, we set it and forget it,” says Yazdanpanahi.

More recently, the city added several new Trend Micro solutions to help better detect and protect against vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorized changes—tools to better protect its network and provide custom sandboxing, services to help it bolster endpoint protection and deliver maximum detection and response.

One of the solutions the city relies on is Trend Micro™ XDR, which brings expert threat intelligence, AI, and big data analytics to detection and response across the city’s systems. “I need technology that can accomplish multiple things. My staff is busy. Trend Micro provides knowledge we don’t have and saves us time and effort,” says Yazdanpanahi.


Yazdanpanahi saw immediate value with Trend Micro. “Our third-party scanner missed a big phishing email. The damage could have been extensive, but the Trend Micro solution caught it. That was proof that the solution was doing its job.”

The solutions reduce the amount of time the city’s IT team must spend protecting its assets. “Our job is to deliver services to our citizens. Trend Micro products take care of security, and our staff is freed up to focus on that mission,” says Yazdanpanahi.

With Trend Micro, Yazdanpanahi knows the city has done its due diligence to deliver maximum protection for its IT environment, ensure compliance, and protect itself from attacks. “You have to partner with an organization whose sole mission is security. Trend Micro has a holistic approach that allows us to protect citizens and data and keep the business moving,” says Yazdanpanahi.

What's Next?

The city is moving toward a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and plans to use Trend Micro’s hybrid cloud security solution. “Moving to VDI will change our landscape, and I want to have that protection. Every day I look for new ways to make us better. Trend Micro is a big part of that,” says Yazdanpanahi.