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What is Vision One™

Trend Micro Vision One™ delivers added value and new benefits beyond XDR solutions, allowing you to see more and respond faster.

Provides deep and broad extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities that collect and automatically correlate data across multiple security layers - email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, IoT, and networks.

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What we’re helping customers to achieve


Even the best protection against cyber threats will never be 100% secure. We work with customers to go beyond solely just protection but to implement systemic organization-wide resilience against successful attacks with manageable effort on your part.

There’s no such thing as 100% protection….

Most organizations today have some form of cyber protection – this is elementary. Can you guarantee that you will never be victim to an attack? Clearly no! There will always be vulnerabilities somewhere in your IT environment. Even with very secure IT systems, there is always a human vulnerability. No matter how well you protect yourself, there will always be entry points which can be exploited sooner or later.

But cyber resilience can help reduce your risk

In addition to solid protection measures, companies today must focus on increasing their resilience. This means not only should they proactively hunt for threats before they impact but they also need to prepare to minimize the impact when a breach does happen. 

We can help you implement a fully encompassing process: 

1. Detect threats – 2. minimize their impact – 3. eliminate their presence – 4. learn and improve


We help our customers to gain visibility over their full attack surface. Once visibility is achieved, we support them to transition to a proactive program of control and prevention.

Trend Micro Vision One integrates leading XDR with powerful attack surface risk management and dynamic zero trust tools. Security teams can confidently and efficiently lower risk through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s overall security posture.

Valuable security and risk insights and assessments –along with custom role-based dashboard views – allow security teams to narrow-in on what needs immediate attention with greater visibility and prioritized insights.


Trend Micro Vision One™ leverages the power of XDR to help organizations significantly shorten their path to an effective SOC, while easing the burden on their cost and resource budget.

The challenges of establishing a SOC

The establishment of a Security Operation Center (SOC) brings considerable advantages to any organization that wants to be well equipped against cyber-attacks from inside and out.

This approach can lead to considerable hurdles, which many companies fear. Outsourcing to a specialized provider often makes sense, however, this can often lead to considerable costs making it unachievable for many.

There is a solution

Vision One™ combines security layer spanning, cutting-edge XDR technology with many other valuable features that make life much easier for a SOC team, resulting in significant cost savings. In addition, we offer ideally suited services, such as Managed XDR, that can additionally relieve the security teams of our customers.

According to a recent report by ESG, this independent review found that XDR customers experience:

  • 79% reduction in security spend
  • 99% reduction in distilling activity logs down to correlated actionable alerts
  • Organizations report they would need 8 FTEs to replace the capabilities of XDR


Read the report here.


By leveraging Vision One™ your existing security teams can gain the visibility and control they need to be more effective and do more with less.

XDR simplifies and accelerates investigation and response

  • View the entire chain of events across security vectors.
  • Create custom detection criteria and look for different behaviors to identify multi-step complex attacks across security layers.
  • Run a root cause analysis, investigate the execution profile of an attack – including associated MITRE ATT&CK tactics, techniques, and procedures – and identify the scope of impact across assets.
  • Orchestrate and automate immediate response and track actions with security playbooks.


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