Trend Micro launches Project 2020 web series

A glimpse into the future to help us prepare our cyber defences


London, 23rd September 2013 - Trend Micro is proud to announce the launch of Project 2020, the web series: a set of online videos designed to get industry, business, government and other stakeholders thinking about the threats which may face them at the end of the decade so we can all better prepare for the future.

The innovative nine video series will aim to bring to life the stories told in the Project 2020 white paper, which features at its core three scenarios designed to anticipate and illustrate how technology could be used and subverted in the future.

It is hoped that these compelling videos will help to engage an even wider audience beyond the confines of the information security sphere.

Trend Micro wants everyone from schoolchildren to policy makers to get something out of the project, so that all can become more mindful of where technology advancements may be heading and the security implications.

We want to elevate the conversation because the security community habitually operates on 12 month predictions,” commented Rik Ferguson, Global VP of Security Research at Trend Micro.
Technology evolves faster than that so if you only look that far ahead you could be wasting time, money and resources. With the web series, we want also to broaden the conversation and spark interest from those who typically don’t engage with the security community. The future of technology, its uses and abuses will affect every one of us.

The Project 2020 white paper was written in partnership with Europol and the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA), a business led not-for-profit organization. Its three core stories identify a number of possible scenarios depicting the evolution of cyber crime by the year 2020.

First up is the story of Kinuko, a second generation “digital native” whose experience of the world is filtered through the virtual content beamed onto her contact lenses, and who has so many online identities she has outsourced management of them to a third party.
Project 2020 also describes an SMB of the future, robot manufacturer Xinesys, which has to deal with increasingly sophisticated “anti-sec” activists trying to undermine its supply chain, and Lakoocha – a content service provider at increasing risk of critical infrastructure attacks.
Finally it describes the government of “South Sylvania”, and emerging nation which uses advanced behavioural profiling to help intelligence agents identify individuals at risk of engaging in criminal or terrorist activity. 

The world is more connected than ever before but in a decade wearable technology will be the norm – whether it’s Google Glass or a smart watch you wear at the gym hooked up to your heart rate and connected to the cloud. Digital natives will be approaching middle age and we’ll move beyond paper-based documents,” explained Ferguson. “People will have multiple online identities and the key thing will be how to authenticate the individual switching between the two, because the greatest challenge will be in securing where networks, services and infrastructure join. These are the places which will be exploited.


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