Fighting Cybercrime

Trend Micro fights cybercrime in partnership with law enforcement

Teaming up to make the world safer
for exchanging digital information

With cybercrime growing in severity and persistence, security vendors and law enforcement agencies are teaming up
across the globe to put end to it. It is our goal to help the fight by sharing information on threats, investigation
strategies, and resources with our private and public sector partners.

Partnering with the FBI and leading security vendors

Working with the FBI and other security vendors is a key part of Trend Micro’s strategy to help eradicate cybercrime. In recent years, we have helped take down threats ranging from malware to ransomware and other dangerous attacks.

Successes include the case of DRIDEX and the SIMDA botnet and strengthen our resolve to continue the fight to bring down more cybercriminal networks and make the Internet safer for everyone.

Working with INTERPOL

Trend Micro teamed up with Interpol in 2014 providing tools, training, and human resources to the organization. Our Threat Intelligence
team began sharing threat analsyts with INTERPOL in order to improve information-sharing among the public and private sectors, and to
enable better cybercrime fighting across the globe.

We also provided training and a Trend Micro security researcher onsite at INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore. Our
training program taught attendees the latest cybercrime strategies and techniques so that member countries could expand their
investigatory capabilities. The ultimate goal is preventing cybercrime activity.