Protects devices on home networks by implementing security on its Wi-Fi router


NTT DOCOMO is driving the creation of a new communication culture. The company actively strives to develop new services to meet our ever-changing needs, supporting users’ lifestyles and business activities. Its fiber broadband service, DOCOMO Hikari, is one example of these efforts.

“With the spread of smartphones, the number of customers who enjoy movies and other high-bandwidth content is increasing. NTT DOCOMO creates Wi-Fi environments within homes that have fiber broadband connections to allow those homes to enjoy a variety of content without having to worry about communications charges,” said NTT DOCOMO’s Hiromitsu Moriya.


The company recently developed a new router, the DOCOMO Hikari Router 01. The main features include full user support capabilities and the capacity for NTT DOCOMO to easily perform necessary tasks remotely. “To support our customers, we built the router so that configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks can be performed remotely, which allows users to set up and use a home Wi-Fi environment effortlessly. If customers also sign up for our Net Total Support service, we handle the configuration when the router is connected inside the home,” said NTT DOCOMO’s Seiichi Oshio.

Today’s homes are filled with devices that connect to the internet, including speakers, game consoles, and smart TVs. Knowing that many of these devices lack the protection often found on PCs and smartphones, the company focused on security when developing the router.

“We expect more home devices to be connected to the internet in the future. When we developed the router, our philosophy was that the router—the connection point between a home and the internet—should have security functions, and NTT DOCOMO should be the one to minimize the security risks of those devices,” said NTT DOCOMO’s Yoshihiro Adachi.

"Thanks to Trend Micro’s flexibility during development, we were able to develop a highly-accomplished router in a short period of time."

Seiichi Oshio,
Manager, Broadband Business Department,

Why Trend Micro

Development of the DOCOMO Hikari Router progressed quickly. While striving to add meaningful security functions, the company wanted to support their developers and create a product that would be successful by making customers happy. After researching several companies and products, NTT DOCOMO selected Trend Micro Smart Home Network™ as its embedded network security solution.

“Smart Home Network consumes very few resources and it’s fully capable of handling the performance of a device in our targeted price range. We plan to add a variety of functions to the router in the future, and Smart Home Network can handle that growth,” said Adachi.

Smart Home Network is equipped to protect home devices against sophisticated cyberattacks, which is essential. It also includes parental controls for families. “It is possible to block access to harmful sites on devices that children use. Families can enjoy internet services with peace of mind,” said NTT DOCOMO’s Takashi Miki.

"Smart Home Network enabled us to develop a router combining communication performance, safety, and essential security functions."

Seiichi Oshio,
Manager, Broadband Business Department,


Trend Micro Smart Home Network enables users to control the network access of all devices connected to a home network and protects against the risk of cyberattacks. Sophisticated packet scanning technology provides robust entry/exit-point security. It blocks attacks that target vulnerabilities and stops the spread of malicious communications from devices infected with malware.

Smart Home Network keeps track of the devices and applications in a home, including their IP addresses and operating systems. It is possible to monitor the devices and the kinds of communications that are occurring.


Sales of the DOCOMO Hikari Router 01 have steadily grown since its release. Customers who sign up for the optional monthly Hikari Router Security service can use all Trend Micro Smart Home Network’s functions. “We offer a Net Total Support/Hikari Router Security package at the time of purchase. Our surveys show that the combination of support and security has led to high customer satisfaction,” said Oshio.

During development of the router, Trend Micro worked closely with router development teams. “Thanks to Trend Micro’s flexibility during development, we were able to develop a highly-accomplished router in a short period of time. Smart Home Network enabled us to develop a router combining communication performance, safety, and essential security functions,” said Adachi.

What's next 

Currently, NTT DOCOMO is planning to expand the functions of the router, including one that makes it easy to see that a network is secure. “With 2020 approaching, fears of cyberattacks targeting Japan are growing. To continue to provide the optimum security for the IoT era, we are enhancing IPv6 support and making other improvements enabling Hikari Router Security to contribute to the safety of Japanese homes,” said Moriya.

In addition, the company is putting renewed effort into sales staff training. “With Trend Micro’s cooperation, we will continue to hold face-to-face study groups and promote initiatives so that users understand they need security for all their internet-connected devices,” said Miki.

NTT DOCOMO has successfully responded to a wide range of customer needs through one-stop support that includes configuration, maintenance, and security. In the future, the company will continue to actively take up the challenge of developing new services to realize a fully-formed “smart life” for everyone.