Machine Learning

Proactive detection of a broad range of
new threats - minimize the risk of compromise

Machine learning
used extensively

In recent years machine learning has been depicted as a new technology for detecting cyber threats. While there are some new applications of machine learning being used for certain threat vectors, Trend Micro has been investing in machine learning for over a decade. From Advanced Persistent Threats to zero-day exploits, Trend Micro has been a leader in innovating new technologies to protect you from the latest threats.

Proactively detect
Zero-hour malware

A big technological advancement built on our history of using machine learning and now powering our products is high-fidelity machine learning that can detect new and unknown malware, including ransomware.

Leveraging pre-execution and run-time machine learning techniques, along with noise cancellation for minimizing false positives, high-fidelity machine learning delivers multiple layers of detection on new malware and attacks. Layered with other state-of-the art techniques, like behavioral analysis, machine learning provides detection of nearly all new malware without the need for updates.

For more detailed information about our machine learning capabilities from Trend Micro researchers, visit our definition page.

Part of a layered security strategy

Our solutions are powered by XGen™ security, a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques that delivers powerful, layered security capabilities, including AI and machine learning.

To combat today’s sophisticated threat actors, organizations need a vendor who can deliver a Connected Threat Defense that allows them to proactively block new threats and gain visibility across the network of attacks.

AI and machine learning technologies provide:

  • Real time, Zero-hour detection of new threats
  • Reduction of the need for timely updates
  • Protection against the broad range of threats including spam, ransomware, exploits, and targeted attacks