Enables clients to set a higher bar for security and DevOps


CMD Solutions is a professional services and cloud consulting company that focuses on the design of hybrid cloud solutions that are secure, scalable, and efficient. Based in Sydney, Australia, their team of AWS certified consultants are well versed in IRAP, APRA, and PCI-DSS compliance standards, while specializing in Security Competency and DevOps transformations.



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  • Automated AWS® Well-Architected and compliance reviews on customer’s public cloud infrastructure
  • Improved customers visibility into their cloud environments
  • Leveraged data-driven reports to provide recommendations to remediate security and operational risks
  • Added new Managed Service feature to CMD portfolio
  • Increased business value by providing greater infrastructure insight


CMD needed a continuous security-monitoring tool that would help their team identify baseline controls for their clients, while remaining consistent and up to date with evolving security best practices. Agility and responsiveness to the market was key for CMD.

Being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, it was important for their tool of choice to measure against the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and common industry compliance standards.

As CMD’s clients move through a DevSecOps transformation and add services during migration, real-time visibility into their evolving cloud infrastructure is critical to ongoing support and assessments.

Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity allows us to provide visibility to our customers - that we’re configuring their infrastructure correctly.

Adam Durbin



CMD uses Trend Micro Cloud One - Conformity with 600+ rules mapped against the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and industry compliance standards to assess their customer’s public cloud environments. With every rule violation, remediation steps are offered with clear instructions on how to perform the updates; these changes can be made through the AWS console or via the AWS® Command Line Interface (CLI).

Trend Micro’s approach to cloud security, compliance posture management, and governance is well aligned with CMD’s expertise in professional consulting services that focus on DevSecOps transformations. “Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity allows us to provide visibility to our customers - that we’re configuring their infrastructure correctly,” says Adam Durbin, CTO of CMD.

CMD has leveraged Cloud One - Conformity’s extensive reporting feature to create new professional services for their managed services arm. Their monthly reviews, based on findings by Conformity, enable their clients to set a higher bar for security and DevOps, as new initiatives are set.

Conformity provides CMD’s clients with greater visibility into their cloud infrastructure. By using a third-party audit, CMD presents clients unbiased results and maintains a consistently productive relationship as updates and implementations take place.

Using Conformity, CMD is able to run a single infrastructure security review, which covers several compliance standards. Time saved in the discovery process allows more time to focus on growth opportunities, without compromising on the critical regulatory standards their clients are held to.

Trend Micro Cloud One - Conformity gives us instant visibility into our customer’s cloud and speeds up our audits, continually monitoring so we can improve their security and adhere to governance policies.

Fabio Carvana

Head of Managed Services, CMD


CMD’s partnership with Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity allowed them to create a new managed services arm. They can offer their clients greater visibility and trust, while delivering their mission to design secure, scalable, and efficient cloud solutions and enabling DevOps transformations.

Along with Conformity, CMD customers are leveraging other Trend Micro Cloud One services, including Workload Security, providing runtime protection for hybrid workloads and containers.

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