What You Need to Know About Private Browsing (and More)

April 12, 2018

On March 17, Facebook came under fire after news broke that Cambridge Analytica had secretly acquired personal information from millions of Facebook users to sway voters in political campaigns —including the 2016 presidential election in the United States. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed the scandal, but many questions remain unanswered even as Data Privacy Day came and went.

In late 2017, Princeton University researchers suggested that many websites now record everything you do online. After analyzing the Alexa top 50,000 websites in the world, they found that even the most famous ones use a web-tracking technique called “session replay” to document your online behavior.

What is session replay?

As the name suggests, this tracking technique tracks every keystroke and mouse movement, essentially letting websites “look over your shoulder” and keep that information for later review. Software companies like FullStory have captured and shared user data with Walgreens, Shopify, and CareerBuilder, to name just a few.

Does using incognito mode stop this kind of spying?

Going incognito online only prevents your own web browser from tracking your activities, as this article debunking internet security myths explains. It does not stop session replay scripts from observing and recording exactly what you do.

A 2017 survey by DuckDuckGo showed that only 46% of respondents in America have used “private browsing” (meaning both “incognito mode” and “privacy mode”) on their computers at least once. Most of those who did so wanted to hide embarrassing searches and probably never realized how much they still revealed online.

Remember, private or incognito browsing simply changes the way your browser behaves, but websites can still monitor whatever you do online.

What should I do now?

If you care about online privacy, then you need something other than the browser that came with your mobile device. Because Trend Micro has made a commitment to keeping your personal data safe, you can count on the Trend Micro Zero mobile web browser.

What makes this app so special?

  • Zero analytics — Trend Micro does not track any of your activities, and so has no data to sell or share with anyone else.
  • Zero leftovers — The app does not keep any usage history or data once you close it.
  • Zero leaks — Automatic blocking of session replays, visitor recordings, cryptojacking, and social media tracking systems means you can open any website or search for anything with total peace of mind.
  • Zero risk — Trend Micro has decades of experience and a sterling reputation.

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