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As your organization continues to move data and apps to the cloud and transform your IT infrastructure, mitigating risk without slowing down the business is critical.

The problem

Tackle the complex with the leader in hybrid cloud security

Data breaches and malware attacks deliver real threats. Everything from coordinated attacks to human-caused vulnerabilities can put your organization at risk. The constantly expanding attack surface increases your chances of experiencing an incident.

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Limited visibility and monitoring, leading to hidden gaps in coverage and vulnerabilities 

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Data exposure from cloud misconfigurations or not following the principle of least privilege

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Achieving and maintaining compliance

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We’ve gone through a digital transformation, so we know the challenges you’re facing and can help you overcome them. We have also partnered with thousands of customers to secure their transformations. 

Future-proof your investments by leveraging our powerful security throughout your transformation journey. As a partner for now and the future, we have your cloud and on-premises environments covered.

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Trend Micro is recognized as a Representative Vendor in the March 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms report

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Trend Micro ranks #1 in IDC’s Worldwide Workload Security market share

87 %

of cloud decision-makers noted that their enterprise leveraged hybrid cloud deployment types.




78 %

of respondents in an ISC2 survey reported that on-premises security solutions have limited functionality in the cloud.




85 %

of organizations are aiming to embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025.





93 %

of organizations are moderately to extremely concerned about the shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals.



Cloud security challenges for leaders


Poor visibility and protection

On-premises security tools don’t provide the full picture or adequate protection of the dynamic nature of the cloud. Without a cloud-specific security solution, a company can’t properly monitor its cloud configurations, storage, or workloads and is vulnerable to attacks.


Security, compliance, and governance at scale

Application teams work at a fast pace. It’s critical to automate as many tasks as possible including security policies and checks to ensure your cloud architecture aligns to industry standards and best practices, and to scale your cloud services securely, without disruptions.



Trend Micro™ Research indicates that 65-70% of all security issues in the cloud start with a misconfiguration. This leading source of data breaches is caused by human error, frequently due to access control issues, disabled logging, or lack of security validations and security alerts monitoring.

What to consider when selecting a cloud security solution

Automated for operational efficiencies

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Nearly half (47%) of ISC2 survey respondents mentioned lack of qualified staff as a major cloud security headache. A cloud security solution should save time, money, and resources in managing and enforcing security policies across hybrid environments.

Cloud Native Application Protection, plus more

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Providing security for endpoint, workload, container, serverless, source code, as well as cloud storage, cloud network and cloud security posture management. One integrated solution meeting the needs of both development and security.

Fast-track compliance

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More than a third (38%) of surveyed AWS customers cited compliance as their main day-to-day operational headache. The right platform integrates automated compliance scanning into your build pipeline to catch any violations before deployment.


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Deployment via security as code with API-enabled tools that support continuous integration and delivery by baking security controls directly into developer processes is vital.

Defense in depth and broad coverage

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Leverages multiple innovative techniques – virtual patching, integrity monitoring, zero config integrity monitoring, and more. Support for multi-cloud, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP) is also a must have.

See everything. Reduce risk.

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Reduces blind spots with a single source of truth across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with complete security controls and integration. Provides the complete picture across your cloud estate and prioritizing fixing your highest risk.

Protecting diverse customers worldwide

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“Having a solid understanding of the cloud was incredibly important,” says Cradit. “We needed a partner that could grow with us in a multi-cloud environment and move as fast as we need them to, while also providing us with a sense of peace that we are secure.”


Jason Cradit, CIO, CTO, Summit Carbon Solutions

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“It’s about time-to-market, ease-of-use, and the fact that Trend Micro offers a full, cloud-native SaaS platform. Our customers get better security that can easily scale on AWS, and we save over 50% on security.”


MJ DiBerardino, CEO, Cloudnexa

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"Trend Micro solutions increased our system performance by almost 50 percent, providing the comprehensive security platform we need to secure our physical, virtual, and cloud environments and to support evolving compliance requirements. Only Workload Security checked all the boxes."


Tanweer Surve, Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Technologies and Security, Essilor International

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