Finance Cyber Security

Reduce cost, combat fraud, and ensure compliance

The threat landscape

Fraud management, customer privacy, FSA compliance — these are just some of the daily issues facing financial services operations across the UK. Financial services span many different levels and diverse disciplines and audiences. The risks and vulnerabilities are wide ranging. Security breaches are simply unacceptable reputationally and fiscally.

Effective security for the finance world

We have been working with the financial services community since our inception nearly thirty years ago.

Whether your core business is retail banking, investment banking, trading, brokerage, card services, hedging, algo trading, foreign exchange, or a mixture of these and more, Trend Micro understands the way your market works. Our solutions address Cost Reduction, Virtualisation, Secure Mobile Working, Fraud Management, Risk Mitigation, FSA Compliance, Digital Asset Assurance and other critical challenges.

Reduce costs with streamlined security management

Businesses relying on traditional pattern file/signature updates for security can expect two-thirds of their endpoints to become infected with malware over a year (Osterman Research Jan 2009). Switching to a cloud-client architecture; however, provides faster access to threat intelligence and stops threats at their source before they reach your business. Fewer endpoints are at risk from infection, preventing lost productivity, downtime, and high security management costs.

How we can help

Managing multiple security vendors for endpoints is expensive. Consolidation with a single vendor via a cloud-client architecture is more efficient, provides better protection, and dramatically simplifies management. With a vendor that has virtualisation-aware solutions to optimise your return on investment.

Combined, our solutions can save over 40% of your total security management costs, increasing employee productivity and preventing security breaches.

Prevent data loss. Combat fraud.

The sheer volume of personal banking data makes it a prime target for data theft and cybercrime. The greatest threat comes from leaks — accidental or deliberate — by employees with access to valuable data.

From securing customer data to protecting intellectual property, preventing loss requires an understanding of the data leak points, environment, people, and processes for managing sensitive information.

Our powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions establish and maintain policies to prevent data loss. Using network-based and endpoint solutions, we can minimise the impact on employees performing everyday tasks, whilst enhancing education and enforcement.

Mitigate risk and meet FSA requirements

The costly implications of high profile breaches and non-compliance penalties are all too familiar. The FSA is poised, for example, to increase fine levels for non-compliance relating to lost client information by up to 300%. The need to implement robust, cost-effective security to mitigate risk from increasingly sophisticated threats is paramount.

The dynamics of high-level market, financial, operational, and compliance risks are complex. By making the risks clearer and simpler to manage, we can help you provide robust security, meet FSA regulatory, and lower costs.