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We are dedicated to supporting diverse talent in tech, especially in cybersecurity. Our Close the Gap™ program provides scholarship opportunities, financial assistance, and fundraisers to advance women and the diverse workforce that are the key to the future. The time is now, you are the answer – take hold of the rewarding and meaningful career that awaits you in cybersecurity.

Women Matter

Securing the Future with Girls in Tech

Trend Micro partnered with Girls in Tech, a national non-profit organization, to drive awareness and education opportunities for women pursuing tech careers all over the world.

Innovation and Opportunity

At Trend Micro we believe that women and a diverse workforce are the future of cybersecurity. We know that diversity is the key to the innovation and advancements needed to protect the world from the rapid increase of threats. We are committed to helping women and gender-diverse talent learn the skills they need to advance their careers, make connections, and secure jobs with us, our partners, and any organization in the world in need of protection.

The future of cybersecurity looks like you.

By 2022, there will be a shortage of 1.8 million information security workers.*

Women account for only 11% of the cybersecurity workforce globally.**

51% of women hold graduate degrees compared to 45% of men.**

Close the Gap: Secure the Future

Secure the future from threats. Secure your future with a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

Close the Gap is an expansion of our global education programs, designed to help women get training and find jobs. Close the Gap will continue to work closely with partners and women’s groups to reach more women and gender-diverse talent and find them opportunities to advance their careers and secure the future.

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Women matter

Diversity improves innovation, creativity, and productivity – explore the ways women and diverse teams make a difference.

Career growth

From global training and education to guidance on advancing your career - learn about how we can help.

Tech spotlight

Real impact – check out our profiles on the women in technology and cybersecurity who are making a difference.

Featured women in Tech

Eva Chen, CEO, Trend Micro

Since its inception in 1988, Eva Chen has spearheaded Trend Micro’s emergence as one of the world’s most innovative Internet content security companies. Under her direction, Trend Micro has produced a chronology of industry firsts, from unique products to security management approaches. As a result of her innovative leadership, she was appointed CEO in late 2004.

Making an Impact on Global Skills Shortage

Myla Pilao, Director Technical Marketing, Trend Micro

Myla heads the division at Trend Micro that monitors the security threat landscape, including high-profile attacks and prevalent Internet security threats. Prior to this role, she was Director Technical Support, where she managed a team of technical experts who handled escalations and enterprise customer cases from across the globe. She holds an MBA from the National University in Singapore.

Myla on Enterprise Security

Leah MacMillan, SVP Global Marketing, Trend Micro

As the head of corporate marketing at Trend Micro, Leah MacMillan is responsible for the marketing strategy, message and brand image that drives interest and preference for the company and its solutions. Leah’s unwavering love for software development and high-tech marketing began 28 years ago.
She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and International Business from McGill University.

VIDEO: What does Close the Gap Mean to You?

For nearly 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our co-founder and CEO Eva Chen has been committed to diversity at Trend Micro since day one. Security is our entire focus, and it shows.

Trend Micro is committed to:

  • Building an inclusive culture and environment made up of diverse Trenders who are encouraged to be their true selves.
  • Creating and encouraging opportunities for open discourse related to issues around diversity, equality, and inclusiveness.
  • Developing leaders who share our values of diversity, and who are committed to building inclusive teams and environments.
  • Encouraging a culture of compassion, inclusiveness, and open-mindedness.
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Trend Micro and AWS

Trend Micro and Amazon have a long history of working together to deliver secure cloud solutions for our customers. We’re thrilled to continue to expand the ways we work together to have real impact on diversity in technology and cybersecurity. We know first-hand the real impact the growing skills gap is having on tech, in cybersecurity, and with customers and organizations around the world. Together we know we can work together to reach women, educate, and help develop the talent the world needs to build the technology of tomorrow.

Check out Amazon’s We Power Tech initiative to learn more and join us at AWS re:Invent to learn more about how Trend Micro and AWS are working together to secure the future.