Are you a CISO in cloud or security operations and architecture? The decisions you make when migrating and securing workloads at scale in Azure have a large impact on your business. Trend Micro close and personal with the team at Maersk to better understand their Azure migration and how security played a role in the decisions they made.

This recorded session from Microsoft Ignite 2016 will help you jump-start your migration to Azure or, if you’re already running workloads in Azure, learn how companies just like you are using Azure to improve efficiency of their deployments. Maersk’s Head of Security and Security Manager share what the organization learned while tackling these issues at scale in their hybrid environment. You’ll hear about the security challenges that they faced and lessons learned in moving from on premise servers to a cloud environment in Azure.

The integration with Trend Micro Deep Security on Maersk’s Azure cloud platform resulted in several security and hybrid cloud benefits, including:
  • Visibility across their physical and cloud environments
  • A much more stable system and standardized environment on a supported platform
  • Analysis of security incidents from one central, unified location
  • Decreased time invested to analyze data
  • Real-time alerts for file integrity changes
  • Establish compliance in a streamlined and cost-effective manner
  • Efficient internal communication due to the holistic, single platform solution

The Maersk Group is a worldwide conglomerate operating in more than 130 countries with a workforce surpassing 89,000 employees. Owning the world’s largest container shipping company, Maersk is involved in a wide range of activities in the shipping, logistics and oil and gas industries. Due to Maersk’s breadth of business channels and global reach, it required an integrated system to manage its various data centers across the world for seamless flow of information.


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