Flexible Security Designed to Protect Today’s Hybrid Cloud

The Azure security you need. The simplicity you want.

Optimized for Azure.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ is fully optimized for Microsoft Azure to ensure flexible, scalable protection of your operating systems, containers, applications, and data without slowing you down.

Flexible marketplace

Your Azure instances are flexible. Your security should be the same. Trend Micro is proud to deliver Deep Security as a Service (DSaaS) through the Azure Marketplace, providing the Deep Security protection that you want for your Azure instances with pay-as-you-go billing invoiced to you through your Azure cloud bill, or as a licensed offer.

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Host-based IPS

Deep Security proactively defends your instances. It delivers a host-based intrusion prevention system (IPS) that scales the way the cloud scales, while providing continuous protection of your operating system, applications, and data.

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Automated protection

Automatic policy creation and management give your instances the protection they need, when they need it. These automated processes detect new virtual machines and rapidly protect them, ensuring constant monitoring of your instances. Deep Security continues to provide audit records even as it scales back and removes computers. With an additional layer of application control, you can defend against sophisticated attacks like ransomware at the server level without the management headaches.

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Secure the hybrid cloud.

Deep Security proactively defends Azure instances across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments.

Defend against network attacks

With its host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) and file integrity monitoring (FIM), Deep Security does more than detect threats, it prevents them. And it helps speed compliance with regulatory requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others.

Automated vulnerability shielding

Automatically and immediately protect your instances against zero-day vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed, or ransomware attacks by shielding your applications and servers with a “virtual patch” until a workload can be patched or updated.

Keep malware off instances and containers

Deep Security protects your Windows and Linux instances from malware while blocking traffic to known suspicious domains. To defend against sophisticated advanced threats such as RANSOMWARE, you need layered security controls like integrity monitoring, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and behavioral analysis applied at the right time.

Uncover suspicious changes

Layered protection of behavioral analysis alerts you when unplanned changes or ransomware attacks are happening on your systems. Suspicious events are highlighted in the dashboard, so you can quickly evaluate if there is a threat—without sorting through thousands of logs.

The 10 Step Action Plan: Meeting Your Shared Security Responsibilities with Microsoft Azure

Find out the top 10 security steps you can take to get the most out of your Azure deployment.

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Accelerate compliance.

Using Deep Security, you can achieve and maintain a variety of compliance requirements with a single security tool. It simplifies security for modern IT environments (whether physical, virtual, cloud or container) and speeds operations, providing you with necessary audit reports while maintaining compliance.

PCI DSS, HIPAA and more

Compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements isn’t a one-time activity, it’s continuous. Deep Security ensure ongoing compliance, delivering audit reports to help you respond quickly to auditor and regulatory requests. Make compliance even easier with Deep Security as a Service, now Level 1 Service Provider Certified.

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Robust cloud security

Deep Security is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure, which meets required compliance standards for infrastructure, including government standards such as Common Criteria certification. Together, Deep Security and Azure help you speed and simplify compliance in physical, virtual, cloud and container environments.

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Your Deep Security costs could be as low as 6 cents per virtual machine


Consumption-based pricing is critical for any tool you deploy in the cloud, including security. Trend Micro is proud to deliver Deep Security as a Service (DSaaS) through the Azure Marketplace, providing the Deep Security protection that you want for your Azure instances with consumption-based billing invoiced for as little as 6 cents per hour or less.

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Deployment flexibility

Trend Micro Deep Security offers a variety of deployment options to meet different business needs. Choose one that best fits your situation or contact us to find the right solution.

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