Flexible pricing designed for dynamic Azure VM instances.

With cloud workloads, you only pay for the resources you use.

Your security should be just as flexible as your workloads. That’s why Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ offers usage-based pricing at 6 cents (or less) per hour for each virtual machine protected with Deep Security as a Service.

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Maximum monthly cost:

Estimate based on xlarge (or larger) virtual machines running 24 hrs/day for 30 days. Smaller virtual machines will have a lower cost per hour.

Maximum annual cost:

Volume discounts available, contact us for details.

Deep Security as a Service

With SaaS you’ll only pay for what you use—just like the cloud

Trend Micro is proud to deliver Deep Security as a Service (DSaaS) through the Azure Marketplace for protection of Azure instances.

With proven leading Trend Micro Deep Security protection for your Azure instances available as pay-as-you-go hourly billing through a single onboarding and management experience. Deep Security as a Service is also the fastest and most efficient way to protect your workloads. It’s ideal for businesses without the IT resources or expertise needed to set up and deploy software and protect hybrid as well as multi-cloud and development environments. Sign up for our Free Trial and get the security advice, templates, and automated deployment options you need, right from the start. DSaaS is optimized for PCI DSS compliance, learn more here.

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Azure Marketplace

Simplified deployment with the Azure Marketplace

Secure your Azure workloads quickly with simplified deployment through the Azure Marketplace. The Deep Security BYOL offer helps you to deploy everything you need in your Azure environment to start protecting your Azure virtual machines today.

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Deep Security software

Protect your hybrid IT environment

Leverage a single security solution for all your workloads in the cloud or data center. Deep Security software gives you maximum control of your security for hybrid IT environments, which is a compliance requirement under some regulations. Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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Looking for something different?

Additional pricing models and volume discounts are available. Contact us to find the best solution for your project.


What are my payment options for Deep Security as a Service?

Simply use a credit card to pay for what you use monthly. No long-term commitment or minimum fees. You can convert a free trial to a paid subscription at any time by clicking [Account name]> Account Details> Upgrade to paid within the service.

You can also purchase annual Deep Security as a Service licenses and take advantage of additional cost savings, contact us for more information.

How can I estimate how much Deep Security as a Service will cost?

The cost for Deep Security as a Service varies based on virtual machine size. The cost is:

  • Cores: 4+   6¢/hr
  • Cores: 2     3¢/hr
  • Cores: 1      1¢/hr

Deep Security will automatically determine the size of your Azure virtual machines when you connect your Azure account (Computer> Add Azure Account). For virtual machines that are not automatically connected, the price is 6¢ per hour.

Can I mix annual and usage-based licenses in Deep Security as a Service?

No. You need to choose whether you prefer annual licenses or would like to pay hourly. License type cannot be combined in a single Deep Security manager at this time. Trend Micro is proud to deliver Deep Security as a Service (DSaaS) through the Azure Marketplace, providing the Deep Security protection that you want for your Azure instances with consumption-based billing under one cloud invoice.

What option should I use for workloads that must be PCI compliant?

You can use our software, Azure Marketplace or Software as a Service (SaaS) version of Deep Security for PCI workloads.  Deep Security as a Service, our SaaS version, is certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. If you use Deep Security as a Service and require an attestation of compliance (AOC) for your PCI auditor, email azure@trendmicro.com and we can provide documentation.

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