Healthcare application vendors are innovating with new technology to provide new services that improve patient engagement and access to knowledge and healthcare, all while protecting sensitive data.

In this white paper you will learn the risks that healthcare organizations face when deploying in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment, discover how cyberattackers are accessing sensitive information, and how to prevent such security breaches.

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An economic value study giving you the numbers you need to justify an investment in Trend Micro. Analysis Highlights:
  • Typical enterprise VDI use case yields 44% ROI and 16-month payback period.
  • Typical enterprise cloud-centric use case yields 181% ROI and seven-month payback period.
  • Typical enterprise server (non-VDI) virtualization use case yields 163% ROI and five-month payback period
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Application developers are migrating to the cloud with or without the support of IT and security, motivated by the agility and speed that the cloud can provide. This is changing the fundamental equation that cloud managers have to solve when balancing cost, appropriate security, and time-to-value. In order to maintain control over cloud security and costs without sacrificing time-to-value, savvy cloud managers will employ an automated best-fit security solution. Read the Forrester Cloud Manager’s Balancing Act now