Defending the Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Challenges and How to Succeed

Watch the Secure World webinar with three industry experts, Johan Hybinette, CISO at Vonage, Mike Muscatel, Information Security Manager at Snyder’s-Lance, Inc, and Steve Neville, Director, Hybrid Cloud Security at Trend Micro.

This webcast addresses challenges like:

  • Multiple environments, multiple tools – complexity abounds
  • Understanding where cloud provider responsibilities end and where yours begins…and how to deal with it
  • Traditional security approaches don’t fit the cloud
  • Advanced threats, including ransomware, are a growing concern
  • Compliance

Learn about the important security how Trend Micro Deep Security is working hand in hand with Microsoft to provide customers a secure cloud to meet their business needs for the hybrid cloud reality of today, and tomorrow.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Microsoft Ignite announcements for Azure
  • Maersk’s security journey to the cloud
  • How organizations should be thinking about security for the hybrid cloud
  • How to use Deep Security to manage and deploy security in the cloud
  • How to achieve cost effective compliance
Click the below image or follow this link to watch the on-demand webinar now!   Microsoft-Ignite-Trend-Micro  

Trend Micro has developed a security platform that is optimized for hybrid cloud deployments. It includes a wide range of security controls that help to address an organization’s server security responsibility  and simplify security management.

To learn more about Maersk and their journey to the cloud, listen to our Microsoft Ignite 2016 session featuring the Head of Security and Security Manager sharing what they learned and the role that security played in the migration from the data center to the cloud. Watch the full session here.

Join cloud automation experts as they highlight how you can craft a cloud automation strategy in Azure.