Read about the security controls Deep Security provides for Azure and hybrid environments.
Everyone seems to be looking for ways to simplify security, especially cloud security. That’s why Trend Micro has designed Azure security solutions to be as automatic, agile and flexible as Microsoft Azure itself. So it was no surprise when Microsoft chose to integrate the new Azure Security Center with Trend Micro. The Azure Security Center provides you with a single view of all your Azure subscriptions, performs live monitoring on workloads, and recommends remediation steps to address identified security issues. When the Azure Security Center discovers malware vulnerabilities on virtual machines it presents Trend Micro Deep Security as a recommended solution to address them. To make things even easier, you can then deploy Deep Security directly from the Azure Marketplace to enhance the protection of your environments from network attacks. Why is Trend Micro presented as a recommended solution? Trend Micro is a leader in cloud security1. And we have earned that position because we understand that to fully embrace the cloud, you need security that preserves its economic and operational benefits. Trend Micro has been working closely with Microsoft to ensure that we deliver elastic, flexible, and scalable security solutions that are compatible with the Azure environment. As a result, the integration of Trend Micro with Azure Security Center makes it easier than ever to secure cloud workloads. Easily identify virtual machine security issues Trend Micro Deep Security provides the security capabilities you need to meet shared responsibility in the cloud. And we do it with the industry’s most complete set of security capabilities for Microsoft Azure. With Deep Security, you can detect and remove malware in real-time, protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks. You can also detect suspicious or malicious activity, including integrity monitoring required to meet compliance with key regulations, including PCI DSS 3.1, HIPAA, and others. Fast deployment and automated management Deep Security monitors your Azure environment, automatically recognizing and provisioning security to new instances. Plus, Deep Security automates repetitive, resource-intensive security tasks, such as provisioning and deprovisioning, to dramatically reduce operational cost and time. So you get the security you need to move sensitive workloads to Microsoft Azure without compromising its promise of automation and agility. Deep Security secures Azure workloads and sign up for a 30-day free trial, please