In an ever-evolving threat landscape, cybersecurity is no longer just about safeguarding sensitive data and other digital assets by merely keeping cybercriminals and other threat actors out of networks, systems, devices, and underlying technologies. Now it is also about having to proactively stop them in their tracks before they even gain a foothold in their spheres of operation.

The notable threats in the first half of 2019 drove this point home, what with the prevalence of so-called fileless threats that “lived off the land” — abusing legitimate and typically whitelisted system tools to do their malicious bidding — and the presence of malware and phishing campaigns that took advantage of security lapses and diversified in the ways they counted on the still unpatched flaw that was human vulnerability.

Ransomware operators distinctly set their sights on organizations, with crippling ramifications: Their attacks proved they could strike with such severity that some victims were even strong-armed into acquiescing to the cybercriminals’ exorbitant demands. For many cryptocurrency-mining threats, servers and cloud-based environments, having far more computing resources than endpoints, became their new frontier. Messaging platform — the bedrock underpinning many business transactions — were inundated with a range of threats, including business email compromise scams, sextortion schemes, and phishing incidents that did not rely on hacking human behavior alone.

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While older applications may remain on premise or take time to lift and shift, your business is creating new applications, and moving to the cloud offers more tools and speed to deployment than security can keep up with. Security must be a consideration from your build pipeline to runtime, protecting not only your Azure cloud platform, but also your brand and reputation.

Trend Micro and Microsoft make it easy to migrate legacy servers, both physical and virtual, to the Azure Cloud with ultimate visibility into all your workloads at any given time. You can have complete confidence in the fact that you are protected through a holistic approach with advanced automated security. Furthermore, Trend Micro compliments the Azure Security Center.

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  • Expand security for hybrid and cloud environments – Keep malware off your Azure Cloud and Windows workloads by protecting against increasingly complex known and unknown threats.
  • Detect and protect against intrusions – Defend against hackers who can easily exploit vulnerabilities like Shellshock and Heartbleed to gain access to sensitive information. Immediately protect your instances from these and new serious vulnerabilities with intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS).
  • Get valuable information – Identify and understand indicators of compromise and improve compliance using Integrity Monitoring and Log Inspection.
  • Improve security across your software build pipeline and deployment environment – Deliver an integrated security solution that provides a substantial set of APIs allowing DevSecOps to build security into your CI/CD pipeline using automation such as Jenkins for changing cloud or container environments.

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Technology advancements such as high-speed Internet connectivity, ability to create abstract layers in computing environments has allowed us to achieve things that were unthinkable ten years ago. I have personally experience these advancements in my professional life. At one point, I was happy to get my hands on virtualization and ability to run integrated solution from my laptop and an external portable storage device for my work. Now, with the eruption of cloud computing combined with the power of orchestration tools is mind blowing. We have entered into an-era where we are looking to automate everything aka Infrastructure as a Code.

Today, I’m happy to talk about our “Azure quickstart template”, let’s get started and get to the technical details.

What makes this quickstart template?

This integrated stack consists of Trend Micro Deep Security, Splunk Enterprise and Chef automation platform, all running on Azure.


How is this quickstart template created?

This integrated stack is built using a JSON template, the template is based on Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. With ARM templates, we can deploy topologies quickly, consistently with multiple services along with their dependencies. You do it once and consume it many times. It’s pretty powerful, since we by working with our Azure partner did for you already, you can simply consume.

What’s in it for me?

It saves you a lot of time that you can spend on things that matters to you, I don’t know perhaps watching a hockey game (yes, I’m Canadian and it’s our sport). Seriously, thing about it, if you are familiar with these solutions then you must be aware of it that each element has various components such as web based management application, database etc. and requires specific communication paths, database schema etc. To setup this type of environment where you have a fully functional integrated components would take you at least couple of hours and this estimate is by assuming your three-year-old daughter is not screaming in the background and you have your full attention and focused time to build this up.  I don’t know but I love when someone else can do part of my job and make it easy for me.

I’m with you tell me more.

Okay, if you are sill reading then I like to think I have your attention so let’s look at this diagram on what is involved here to give more technical details about this quick start;

To break it up, we have;

  • A storage account in the resource group.
  • A Virtual Network (vNet) with four subnets
  • Virtual Machines to host solution components
  • Network security groups to control what communication paths are allowed
  • Azure SQL DB to host Deep Security persistent data
  • Three test Virtual Machines; 2 VMs (Linux, Windows) with bootstrap scripts to install TrendMicro agents (through Azure VM extensions) and 1 VMs (Linux) with bootstrap scripts to install Chef Agents

There is a lot happening here as you can see and the only thing you need to do as part of consuming this is to provide some values for the template parameters such as;

  • Where you want to deploy this stack.
  • Web application administrators account and Virtual machine administrator account credentials for the various stack components.
  • Communication ports for Deep Security
  • Virtual machine size and number of test virtual machines

It takes roughly 30-45 minutes or so to have this environment fully functional. At the end, we will return the URL’s for each solution component (Trend Micro, Splunk and Chef) to you so that you can go ahead and simply login to these applications and do what ever you wanted to do e.g. protecting your Azure based workloads from various vulnerabilities, remember cloud security is a shared responsibility i.e. although cloud providers deliver an extremely secure environment but you need to protect what you put IN the cloud—your workloads.


I’m sold, where can I get this template for quick start?

That was easy! The ARM template is available on the Azure website (here). You can simply click the “Deploy to Azure” button on or select Browse in GitHub repository. You can also use PowerShell, Azure CLI etc. to start the deployment, the GitHub link provides necessary documentation for it.

The Chef recipe for Deep Security Agent is available here.

Questions? Reach out to us by email at and we’ll be happy to help!

Trend Micro Deep Security enables you to manage a broad set of security capabilities across multiple environments from a single integrated console.

See which Hybrid architecture is right for you.

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