Designing data center is a complex and daunting task that requires careful planning to ensure it’s build cost, it’s operations and scalability requirements are met. If you are a security architect responsible for providing requirements to the data center design architect, I’m sure you will appreciate the option to first get a top down view on the security product of your choice unless you are given “The Magic Roundabout Swindon” top down view to look at…

this one for sure needs a YouTube video to explain how it works but the good news is that the Deep Security top-down view or should we call it “holistic” view doesn’t need a video to explain.

This is my attempt to provide you a 30,000 foot overview on how Deep Security Solution fits into the overall picture of your security architecture.



Download the poster here

Some of the questions that I attempt to cover when creating the holistic view are;

  • What solution components do I need for this solution?
  • What security controls are offered?
  • What choices do I have to control the access to the management interface?
  • What configuration management tools I can use?
  • Can I forward the security events to my SIEM for a 360-degree visibility to support rapid time to identify and resolve security threats?
  • Does the solution offer rich API interface to meet my needs of customization?
  • Is the solution capable of providing same security functions across my hybrid infrastructure?

If I appeared projecting our solution as center of universe for your data center then believe me I’m not, I know very well from experience that you have a lot more to consider and plan for. If this grab your interest and you like to know more then perhaps look at the reference architectures that suits your deployment model as well.

Hybrid Deployment:


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