With the re-emergence of CI-CD (Continuous Integration – Continuous Deployment) as well as other software engineering techniques like No Patch environments and Blue/Green Deployments, teams are under immense pressure to quickly deliver working software with no downtime to customers.  Whether it’s pushing application updates in a streamlined fashion multiple times a day or redeploying new Azure VM’s with the code updates, an application control tool needs to be as flexible as the deployment it is protecting.


Deep Security with its Application Control module enables you to implement software changes in a dynamic way which enables your development team to create and deploy their software without the roadblocks of a security tool.

The first way Deep Security achieves this is with its implementation of Application Control.  When you first enable it, the host takes inventory of the virtual machine and automatically adds all software installed into its approved list.  Perfect for no patch and blue/green deployments, when your new virtual machines are built with the new code, they are automatically added as approved by Deep Security.  Gone are the days of adding every new build to an approved list before the code is pushed.

But, what if you are deploying new code and re-using existing Azure VMs?  The Maintenance Mode feature with API tie-in is the solution for this environment.  Maintenance mode allows a virtual machine to be patched or updated, while automatically adding any changes to its approved application list.  Because Deep Security has an open API architecture, you can add this maintenance step into your code deployment tool like Jenkins.

By using the following API call, you can turn on maintenance mode for x minutes just prior to doing the code deploy.


Here in the GUI, you can see that Maintenance mode has been turned on via the API call:

Also, within Deep Security under the “Actions” section, we give you a comprehensive list of applications that are running in an environment that have yet to be approved so you can quickly see changes that have occurred.  This gives you the ability to approve new programs being deployed or remove access from files which are deemed suspicious or malicious.

With Deep Security, you have the power of Application Control, along with our other security controls, all that be accessed programmatically to help your security be as dynamic and agile as your development teams.

For more information, please contact us at azure@trendmicro.com