A Smart New Look

You might have noticed a big change on Deep Security as a Service lately. As of the July 23rd update, the service sports a brand new look. The new look is modern, sleek, and designed to make it easier to understand critical information about the security of your workloads.

Before & After

You can see the difference between the old style and the new look in these examples. The first shows a listing of intrusion prevention rules on the “Policies” page and the second a glimpse of the “Computers” page. An animation of the old and new look for Deep Security IPS rules

An animation of the old and new looks for the Deep Security Computers page But the new look isn’t just superficial. It also brings an exciting new features on the “Computers” page…Smart Folders.

Smart Folders

Smart Folders allow you to choose how you want to see your workloads. You can still see your workloads by location but Smart Folders allow you to quickly and easily create a dynamic set of computers regardless of their location. Here’s a simple example. Imagine 2 instances, one in us-east–1 and the other in us-west–1. Both are part of the same application. In the traditional view in Deep Security, you would see each instance under region or together when grouped by policy. A list of Computers in Deep Security sorted by AWS Region Now you can use a Smart Folder to sort by AWS tag (or VPC Id, Subnet Id, Security Group Name, and a number of other properties). In this example, each instance has an “Application” tag that we can use to create a Smart Folder. Deep Security makes this even easier by including a simple shortcut. When creating a new Smart Folder, check the Automatically create subfolders based on an AWS Tag’s value: checkbox and enter the key of the tag that’s common across the instances you’re interested in. In this example we enter “Application” and Deep Security automatically creates a set of subfolders by the current values of the “Application” tag. Editing a Smart Folder's properties within Deep Security Clicking the Smart Folder, you can now see you workloads by “Application”. The example here shows that these instances belong to a “Catch’em” application. Maybe it’ll be really popular? Either way, we can easily monitor the security of this application and others using the new Smart Folders features. A view of the Computers page in Deep Security by Smart Folder

Additional Flexibility

The example above shows the new functionality at its most basic. Smart Folders allow criteria to be combined in order to create more complex filters. This allows you to quickly and easily configure your security view to align with how you manage assets in AWS. You can create more about what the new Smart Folders feature is capable of on the Deep Security help centre. You can accomplish a lot with AWS tags. It’s an extremely flexible system and thankfully AWS has a lot of guidance around tagging. Regardless of how you’ve setup your AWS tags, Smart Folders has you covered. This functionality is available in Deep Security as a Service now and will be coming to the AWS Marketplace and other versions of Deep Security in the coming months.