In November 2016, we partnered with AWS to launch one of the first SaaS offerings in the AWS Marketplace, Deep Security as a Service hourly, introducing a new way for customers to pay for workload security on an hourly basis, directly on their AWS bill. This was a huge milestone for cloud security buyers, giving you the ability to pay hourly for a trusted, PCI DSS Certified security solution in a way that fits your business. Partnering once again with AWS to simplify security for AWS customers, this NEW SaaS option, Deep Security as a Service – Annual, gives you even more purchasing flexibility. As announced at the recent AWS Summit in San Francisco last week, customers can now take advantage of potential cost savings resulting from longer-term commitments. To give you maximum flexibility, this option will have the ability to expand and protect more workloads at any time, while delivering painless setup and deployment of security for EC2 instances.   Choosing the right solution for you   Here’s what we recommend, but we also encourage you to reach out to us at anytime to help you with determining the right solution for your business today…because we all know that could change down the road!  

Deep Security SaaS – Annual:

Starting from just $40/month/instance, you can save on security costs by paying upfront monthly or annually on your AWS bill – no procurement headaches or POs. This is a great option if you know the size and quantity of EC2 instances that you’re running in a given month or year.

*Tip: You can start low and add on if you see that you in fact require security for more instances than you initially planned for. You can always increase your term and/or the number of instances you want to protect.

Deep Security SaaS – Hourly:

Starting from just $0.01/hour/instance, this is a great option if you have unpredictable or elastic workloads, or if you’re starting a migration to the cloud and are unsure of what your EC2 instance usage will look like.

*Tip: You have the flexibility to choose based on your business. Some customers will always use the hourly option. Others will initially use Deep Security as a Service hourly to determine their usage over several months and then make the change to monthly or annual contracts for potential cost savings. It’s your choice—security can fit the way you run your business.

  The SaaS Hourly and Annual offers give you the latest and greatest innovations in security, often before they are available in our AMI Marketplace offer or software. Both of these are hosted solutions, meaning there’s no set up or configuration and we handle all the product and kernel updates for you. Learn more about the latest XGen™ Security advances in Deep Security here, including Application Control, Docker container security, and more.   And don’t forget, we’re here to help. If you have questions about what makes our cloud security different, or want help in determining the best way to procure Deep Security for your business, email us at  *Note: We also love to hear from people…so just saying “Hi!” is ok too.