Trend Micro wants to help eliminate security roadblocks, and the best way to do that is to make security invisible through automation. Trend Micro is delivering a full suite of RESTful APIs for integration with your organization’s continuous delivery tools such as Jenkins, configuration tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. Monolithic applications are cumbersome and less agile. With a microservice architecture, security can be applied for specific needs sooner. As part of Trend Micro’s full stack protection, Smart Check allows teams to call built-in security controls, identifying threats at first build and reducing re-work. By helping to streamline operations, teams can reduce tool complexity and optimize application deployment across cloud, virtualization, container, datacenter and a broad range of platforms. Smart Check compliments Deep Security’s host-based protection, a critical requirement given the constant evolving threat landscape.

API-first, developer-friendly security

The Deep Security Automation Center is an easily searchable portal of best practices, script samples, and documentation to help automate manual processes and simplify implementation for your development and operations teams. The Automation Center brings InfoSec into the DevOps pipeline with deployment automation, security automation, monitoring automation and reporting automation.

Trend Micro & Amazon EKS

The latest support with Amazon EKS and Kubernetes adds to Trend Micro’s extensive portfolio of solutions and APIs available to developers and operations teams. These tools are designed to not only work across environments, but to meet the needs of the AWS community.   Plugging into these platforms facilitates a streamlined lifecycle for container-based applications across the entire pipeline, and continuously throughout deployment and runtime.   Get ready to embed container security into AWS Kubernetes deployments!

Securing common container use cases in AWS


Migrate Traditional Applications

  Migrate traditional applications to run on modern infrastructure, like containers, while benefitting from consistent, automated security policies.  

Hybrid Cloud

  Automatically manage applications across your cloud platform with fewer constraints on resources, costs, and delivery of production-ready applications.  

Continuous Integration and Delivery

  Integrate development practices that secure and deliver applications to market faster and more reliably using the CI/CD methodology to improve build processes and reduce runtime complications.  


  Meet governance and compliance requirements with effective security for cloud environments, container development, and container deployments. Learn more about Trend Micro’s container security solution at