“We have to launch this app… tomorrow!”

Does this sound familiar?

For the latest project, your company has decided to go to Amazon Web Services. Everyone loves that with AWS you only pay for what you use. No more guessing at capacity needs before you launch or worrying about how you’ll expand globally if the app takes off!

But before you can launch the app, you need to add an Intrusion Prevention solution to the EC2 instance to ensure you’re compliant.

Good news – you found a perfect solution – Deep Security with host-based IPS from Trend Micro.

Bad news – finance just told you that it will take 3 months to get Trend Micro approved as a vendor. Now you have to go back to the DevOps team and put the brakes on the launch. All because of procurement…


Luckily, AWS has a solution to prevent procurement headaches like these – AWS Marketplace. Choose from a huge selection of third party solutions and pay for them on your AWS bill. And because AWS is already on your approved vendor list, you can get the security software you need, TODAY.


Even better, AWS just announced new pricing dimensions for AWS Marketplace so that you can buy software and pay per instance instead of for a management console that supports a static number of agents. Read Jeff Barr’s blog on this exciting new feature.

That means you can protect your EC2 instances with Trend Micro Deep Security, starting at $0.01/hour, and only pay for the instances you are protecting. Software costs are seamlessly added to on your AWS bill so you can cloud burst without worrying about having enough licenses.

The best part is, because Deep Security is on the AWS Marketplace, you know the solution is deeply integrated with AWS so set up and automation won’t be a problem.

That’s a game changer. 

Get to market faster by purchasing in-depth protection from Trend Micro on the AWS Marketplace.

Check out our new listing on the AWS Marketplace

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