As more and more businesses embrace cloud technologies, there is a clear demand in the market to purchase security as you purchase the cloud; paying only for what you use and doing so in a streamlined fashion. Trend Micro has been an innovation leader in the AWS Marketplace space, offering customers a means to secure their AWS, and other cloud workloads hourly in both AMI and SaaS formats.

Trend Micro has been working with AWS as a launch partner in a new innovative program to incorporate the channel into the AWS Marketplace. We are proud to be a launch partner in the new AWS Channel Opportunity Registration Program introduced in 2018. As a channel driven organization, our customers rely on trusted channel partners to provide additional services to ensure they are incorporating the right tools into their cloud environments.

To learn more about the AWS Channel Opportunity Registration Program and how you can get involved as a Trend Micro channel partner, read the full announcement on our Simply Security blog.