Seems everything these days is going hybrid – whether it’s cars or IT environments – people are looking to get the best of both worlds with a mix of technologies. But performance and agility benefits can be quickly eroded if you need to buy and manage separate tools to protect each cloud, VMware or on-premise environment. You want simplicity – a single pane of glass, hourly pricing and you don’t want to deal with a long list of vendors. At Trend Micro, we get that. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new offering that simplifies security management and procurement for hybrid IT or multi-cloud environments – Trend Micro Deep Security in AWS Marketplace.

With Deep Security in AWS Marketplace, you can protect both AWS and non-AWS workloads – whether they are in Microsoft Azure, using VMware or on premise – and pay by the hour for protection directly on your AWS bill.

And we’re not only simplifying procurement but security management as well. Deep Security has been optimized for cloud and virtualized environments so you can scale seamlessly, automatically provision and stay agile whether your hybrid cloud environment is a mix of:
  • Multiple clouds like AWS and Azure
  • VMware and cloud instances
  • On-premise servers for static workloads and AWS for elastic ones

No matter what your hybrid environment looks like, Trend Micro’s new appliance can protect you and provide:

  • A single pane of glass for hybrid environment security management and provisioning
  • Easy procurement with no additional vendor approvals, POs or contract negotiations.
Time to start thinking about what you’ll do with all the time you’ll save buying through AWS Marketplace…  

Hourly costs for Deep Security in AWS Marketplace

Amazon EC2 Instance Hourly cost
Any Micro, Small or Medium EC2 instance $0.01/ instance
Any Large EC2 instance $0.03/ instance
Any Xlarge or bigger EC2 instance $0.06/ instance
Other Cloud or Data Center Hourly cost
Azure VM – 1 core $0.01/ VM
Azure VM – 2 cores $0.03/ VM
Azure VM – 4+ cores $0.06/ VM
All non-cloud VMs or on-premise servers $0.06/ server