[ Update, 19-Mar-2016 @ 13:28 EDT : Maintenance is now complete ]

On Saturday, 19-Mar–2016, we will be upgrading the Deep Security Manager and completing some operational tasks on Deep Security as a Service (DSaaS).

The maintenance window is scheduled for approximately 2 hours between 10:00 to 12:00 EDT (UTC –4). Our goal during this window is to improve the overall service experience.

No impact to protection

During the maintenance window, your existing, activated agents will continue to provide the protection you expect from Deep Security. Events are automatically queued and will be accessible from the Deep Security Manager after the maintenance is complete. There is no customer nor end user action required.


In addition to a number of internal improvements, this maintenance window will address:
  1. Password reset emails will now have the subject line “Password Reset” and will be from “Deep Security as a Service deepsecurityasaservice@trendmicro.com”. Please make sure to add this address to your contacts and/or mail filters so it does not get marked as SPAM
  2. In some isolated cases, asking for an agents events from the DSaaS console resulted in a “failed” error. This has now been resolved
  3. The billing data screen (click on Your Account Name > Account Details) now contains a better breakdown of what instances were billed for each hour. This will make it easier to reconcile your usage against your bill
  4. We have improved the naming convention used for some pattern updates inside DSaaS. The improved names will better highlight the date a pattern was available to help protect your workloads
  5. For those of you using Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM) to provide an overview of several Trend Micro products, the SSL certificate for your TMCM deployment is now automatically imported when you configure your API keys. This simplifies the workflow for managing DSaaS events from TMCM


If you have any questions about this update, please get in touch with us by clicking Support > Contact Support from within the DSaaS console.