As you may have seen from our blog or press release, Trend Micro and AWS just made it easier to secure your AWS deployments. Now you can leverage the effortless deployment of the SaaS option while keeping payments on your AWS bill.

Getting started is easy. Log into your SaaS account or create a new account and start your free 30-day trial.

Once you are in, simply find the widget to upgrade to paid on your dashboard:

30 days

Choose the option to subscribe through the AWS Marketplace:


Click to continue:


Press subscribe:


And you’re done! You are now able to charge your hourly protection directly to your AWS bill:

Sucessfully subscribed

In April, we launched our metered appliance offering on the AWS Marketplace. This was a huge step, by allowing you to pay for what you secure. Either 1, 3 or 6 cents an hour per EC2 instance (depending on the instance type).

This NEW SaaS option takes it one step further, allowing painless setup and deployment of security for EC2. Trend Micro hosts the management and database infrastructure. The SaaS is even certified for PCI-DSS projects, so you can be worry-free.

The SaaS offers the latest, greatest innovations in security, often before they are available in our AMI Marketplace offer or software management.

Can’t predict how many instances you’ll have? No problem, with AWS Marketplace, you pay per-hour for Deep Security on your AWS bill. That means no sales people, no procurement process and never having to worry about renewals. With Trend Micro, security doesn’t have to be an obstacle.