Chef Integration with AWS and Deep Security- Webinar


February 25, 2016


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Trend Micro

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Chef has quickly become one of the leading delivery methods for DevOps application and infrastructure deployments. As a platform Chef can be used to build compliance, resiliency, analytics, and high availability into your AWS workloads. What if you could also use Chef to automate your security posture within AWS and Deep Security?

Using Trend Micro’s Deep Security this webinar evaluates different methods of automation using Chef Hosted Server, AWS Auto scaling Policies, and AWS OpsWorks and takes security automation to the next level.

You will learn how to:

  • Automate your security posture within AWS
  • Use Chef to build compliance and resiliency into your AWS workloads
  • Take security automation to the next level
 Webinar presented by Jeff Westphal 

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