Targeted Attacks

The lowdown on Operation Pawn Storm, an active economic and political cyber-espionage operation that's known to target NATO and US military, defense, and government entities, as well as high-profile individuals in Ukraine and Russia.
    The objective of spear phishing and phishing are ultimately the same—to trick a target into opening an attachment or click on a malicious embedded link. But what is spear phishing? Learn more from this article.
    What is a targeted attack? What counts as one? What's the potential damage, and how can they be prevented? Here's what they truly are about, and why they need to be secured against.
    Because cyber criminals have developed more sophisticated ways to infiltrate an infrastructure, understanding how these threats evolve can help you find the best security solution.
    Analysis and insight on targeted attack cases in 2014, with information on state-sponsored attacks and the new tools and techniques used.
    Backdoors are applications that open computers to remote access, and are used as a way to avoid detection and carry out targeted attacks. How can IT administrators secure their networks against these backdoor techniques?
    This latest paper details the latest activities of Rocket Kitten, a threat actor group involved in Operation Woolen-Goldfish last March, and how they've been found to be attacking multiple targets in the Middle East.

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