Mobile Safety

While Facebook is still the go-to place for many social purposes, newer social apps make it convenient for teens to capture and share fresh and fleeting moments. Get the latest tips on how to help your teen use them safely.
A flaw that affects iOS devices has been discovered that allows nearby attackers to send apps, and even cause infinite reboot cycles on the iOS devices they run on, rendering them temporarily useless.
Security awareness is always the first step to digital safety. But what if cybercriminals used this sentiment to lure victims into downloading malware?
A year ago, we predicted that boundaries will be blurred when it comes to cybercrime and targeted attacks. With the steady rise of consumerization in the workplace, mobile devices will increasingly be abused to get to an attacker's target.
Sextortion operations aren't new, but a new modus operandi that makes use of malware and mobile devices is emerging in East Asia. This research paper offers an in-depth look at the operation, its perpetrators, as well as their tools and methods.
This research paper provides in-depth information on the operation and structure of a cybercriminal group found using fake banking apps to steal mobile banking credentials from South Korean users.
As the BYOD trend continues to grow, people are becoming more familiar with apps that can sync, store, and save data. IT admins need to flex their consumerization strategy to cover security for both company-issued and employee-owned devices.
BYOD is widely accepted because of the significant cost reduction that it brings. Unfortunately, it also has downsides, the biggest of which are the security risks business-critical information is exposed to.
Are you a digital hoarder? Unnecessary files can strain on your computer’s memory. But there are ways to rid your life of digital clutter. You can start by taking account of those things you use to access and exchange digital information.
Mobile payment systems are becoming a more popular method of payment for people on the go. This shopping season, learn how mobile payments work, the threats that come with it, and what you can do to stay secure.
With Cyber Monday sales expected to rake in another record in most online sales in a day, threats are swooping in where people are most available and vulnerable. Secure your mobile shopping by following this flowchart.
To maximize the benefits of BYOD without increasing the risks, companies and their employees need to strike a balance between maintaining employee privacy and having control over corporate data on devices.

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