Mobile Safety

Not everyone is aware of—or is willing to learn about—the conditions stipulated in the permissions of apps before they allow access. Are your apps compromising your privacy?
Who wants to know who viewed their social media profile? A mobile app that purportedly allowed social media users to see who viewed their profiles was discovered to be a phishing app, but not before potentially compromising almost a million users.
Earlier this year, an Android vulnerability called Stagefright was discovered that can be exploited through MMS messages. A successor been discovered that uses the web browser to infect devices.
Sextortion operations aren't new, but a new modus operandi that makes use of malware and mobile devices is emerging in East Asia. This research paper offers an in-depth look at the operation, its perpetrators, as well as their tools and methods.
This research paper provides in-depth information on the operation and structure of a cybercriminal group found using fake banking apps to steal mobile banking credentials from South Korean users.
Over several months, our researchers monitored the Chinese mobile cybercriminal underground to see what kind of wares cybercriminals were trading. What they found was a diverse set of offerings created to suit different purposes.
There are privacy and security risks involved in connecting to public or 'free' Wi-fi hotspots. Here's a 4-step guide to setting up a virtual private network (VPN) for the times when you have to connect to unfamiliar networks.
Don't assume that iOS is safe from malware and attacks. Previous incidents have proven that it's not as safe as you thought. Here are a few ways to tighten up security on your iOS device.
How can you secure your Android device? Here are simple security tweaks you can do right now to make sure that your device—and the data in it—is protected:
BYOD networks can benefit both the workers and the company, but it also presents a number of potential risks. This infographic details the challenges of balancing employee freedom, functionality, and security on BYOD.
Mobile payment systems are becoming a more popular method of payment for people on the go. This shopping season, learn how mobile payments work, the threats that come with it, and what you can do to stay secure.
With Cyber Monday sales expected to rake in another record in most online sales in a day, threats are swooping in where people are most available and vulnerable. Secure your mobile shopping by following this flowchart.

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