2016 Security Readiness Survey

Are you ready for 2016? Answer each question to determine how ready you are based on the security issues that are expected to matter in the months ahead.


These are the Trend Micro security predictions for 2016:

  1. 2016 will be the Year of Online Extortion.
  2. At least one consumer-grade smart device failure will be lethal in 2016.
  3. China will drive mobile malware growth to 20M by the end of 2016; globally, mobile payment methods will be attacked.
  4. Data breaches will be used by hacktivists to systematically destroy their targets.
  5. Despite the need for Data Protection Officers, less than 50% of organizations will have them by end of 2016.
  6. Ad-blocking will shake up the advertising business model and kill malvertisements.
  7. Cybercrime legislation will take a significant step towards becoming a truly global movement.