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Trend Micro protects your VMware environments across VDI and virtual servers with comprehensive security that’s optimized for hybrid cloud from platform to web application. That means you get automatic, transparent, and continuous protection that follows the VM. So you have the leading solutions you need to maximize consolidation without compromising performance. Come see the latest advances in:

  • Agentless Security for the Software Defined Data Center
  • Custom Defense for Virtual Environments
  • Automated Protection for VDI and Virtual Servers
  • Intelligent Web Application Threat Detection and Protection

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Thumbnail Smartsecurity
Smart Security for Virtual Desktops with Vulnerability Shielding

Maximize security across VDI & virtual servers without sapping performance

  • See Deep Security for VDI & virtual patching


Thumbnail Smartprotection
Smart Protection from Cyber Threats

Discover your Custom Defense against targeted attacks

  • See Deep Discovery with SIEM integration

Thumbnail Simpleadmin
Simple Administration of Virtualized Environments

Automate agentless security for the software-defined data center

  • See NEW Deep Security integration with VMware NSX

Thumbnail Securitythatfits
Security that fits physical, virtual, and private clouds

Get optimized security for data center & hybrid cloud

  • See NEW Web Application Security

Thumbnail 25thanniversary

Celebrating 25 years of Inspiration

See our history of innovation

Thumbnail Securitycomputing

Security for Today’s Computing

Use cloud and virtual environments while protecting your systems & data

  • See Trend Micro Security

Engage with Trend Micro Speakers

  • Dynamic or Dud? Why Software-Defined Data Centers Need Dynamic Security
    Learn how to avoid safety risks for multi-tenancy for delegation, auto-provisioning, auto-scaling, dynamic security, consistent policy enforcement, and utility reporting and billing. SEC5168—Bill McGee, Trend Micro Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud and Data Center Security
  • Is 911 a Joke in Your Network? How VDI Can Improve Threat Response
    Learn how to counter the weaknesses of network monitoring for physical environments by using security and VMware in VDI environments to improve detection and response. EU5143—Mike Gibson, Trend Micro Sales Director
  • Why Hackers are Winning and What Virtualization & Cloud Can Do About It
    Discover how you can employ vSphere, vCenter and vCloud Networking and Security with multiple layers of server and network protection to detect and mitigate APT attacks. PHC5120— Presented by Warren Wu, Trend Micro Product Group Manager and Marc Goodman, Senior Managing Director of the Digital Security and Investigations Group of Decision Strategies

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