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How to Protect Your Privacy
on Social Media

How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

Oversharing online might do damage to your reputation. Read our latest e-guide to know how you can keep your information private on social networking sites.

Security in the 21st century: Forrester white paper


How should IT security professionals position themselves and their responsibilities in the context of data loss risks? Learn more.

Threat Encyclopedia

Threat Encyclopedia

Global Botnet Activity

Real-time Global Botnet Map

Sextortion in the Far East Includes Mobile Spyware

Today, personal communication is greatly enabled and enhanced by various messaging apps that provide text messaging, voice calls, photo sharing, and even video chat. These apps are often found in smartphones—devices that have all the features of a desktop computer, plus Wi-Fi, cellular, GPS, and data connectivity. Cybercriminals have taken … [read post]

From the TrendLabs Mobile Malware Blog 24 Mar, 2015

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