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What to Consider When Buying a Smart Device RESOURCE HUB
What to Consider When Buying a Smart Device
We have some security recommendations for consumers who are considering purchasing smart devices. Additionally, we feel that smart device vendors should pay closer attention to the default security of the devices they're producing and selling.
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Blog: Top Movie Lures for Summer SUSPICIOUS WEBSITES
Top Summer Movies Used as Bait by Cybercriminals
Blockbuster movies are released in summer. Unfortunately, these films become bait in social engineering used by cybercriminals. Social engineering is the term for psychological manipulation of victims to reveal confidential data that can lead to their accounts being hacked.
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Video: Cybercrime: How to Spot a Phishing Scam CYBERCRIME EXPOSED
Video: How to Spot a Phishing Scam
In this video, Trend Micro talks about the ins and outs of phishing scams, what you might lose should you fall victim to one, and what you can do to stay protected. The first in a series of cybercrime exposé videos, this one looks at a phishing operation in Brazil.
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Infographic: Simple to Smart Living INFOGRAPHIC
Simple to Smart Living
The Internet of Everything is making life a lot easier and better with more energy efficiency, more entertainment choices, less waste and spoilage, and many more benefits. However, your smart devices may have potential security issues. Make sure you know what they are.
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Blog: 2Q2014 Security Roundup: Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks 2Q SECURITY ROUNDUP
Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks
For IT security professionals, the second quarter of 2014 was not boring. First, there was a major vulnerability in the widely used cryptographic library OpenSSL, which was called Heartbleed. Then, we saw tech companies and restaurant chains fall victim to data breaches.
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Customer Reviews for Trend Micro Titanium™ Premium Security
Overall Rating: 4.7 of 5 STARS
"Easy to use, virus free for many years with Trend Micro." –Geegee
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