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Blog: Five Questions for eBay ANOTHER DATA BREACH
Time to Change your eBay Password
If you're making a list of high profile data breaches, you now can add eBay. Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro global VP of security research, is an angry user. He has five questions for the people in charge of security at eBay, along with a piece of advice.
See what questions you should be asking eBay too >>
Blog: The Challenge of Collaborating with Law Enforcement Agencies to Stop Cybercrime THREAT RESEARCH
Collaborating with Law Enforcement to Stop Cybercrime
Trend Micro's Forward-Looking Threat Research Team explores ways to prevent financial loss via online account theft. We then share the findings with police to help fight cybercrime. That's one reason why we received a certificate of appreciation from the Japan Metropolitan Police.
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Video: Gathering Data Is a Two-Way Street BLOG AND VIDEO
Data Gathering Is a Two-Way Street
"What do vendors do with the information they collect?" That is the question that opens this video, in which Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes explores the issues that arise when we trade our personal data for the benefits of being online.
Read his blog >> | Watch the video >> [02:50]
Mobile and Social: The Tipping Point for Cybercrime MOBILE AND SOCIAL
The Tipping Point For Cybercrime
Trend Micro VP of technology and solutions J.D. Sherry says, "We have fundamentally reached a tipping point in the amount of online services we access via our mobile devices versus traditional PCs... This has created new challenges as we look to consume and browse safely..."
Read his Dark Reading article >>
Blog: Passwords Not Going Away Anytime Soon SECURITY INTELLIGENCE
Passwords: Not Going Away Anytime Soon
Think passwords are becoming obsolete? Think again! While it's true that passwords are both inconvenient and inherently insecure, we should not be so quick to dismiss them, according to Trend Micro senior threat researcher David Sancho.
Learn how to make the best use of passwords >>
Blog: Remote Help for Family and Friends SIMPLY SECURITY SERIES
Remote Help for Family and Friends
Michael Miley of Trend Micro is the "computer geek" in his family, and is frequently asked for assistance. Rather than rush across town to fix their IT problems, he uses TeamViewer software to remotely access and repair his relatives' PCs.
See how he does it >>
Customer Reviews for Trend Micro Titanium™ Maximum Security
Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 Stars
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