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Blog: Why Do I Need Protection on My Mobile Device? SIMPLY SECURITY
Why Do I Need Protection on My Mobile Device?
There are cybercriminal groups out there who are looking to benefit from your mobile device, and they have the means to do it. The most common way to acquire a malicious mobile app is by downloading it from a third party Android app store.
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Slide Show: 12 Most Abused Android App Permissions TRENDLABS ADVICE
The 12 Most Abused Android App Permissions
Android apps need permissions in order to work—such as to your GPS location, Wi-Fi state, or full Internet access. However, cybercriminals can exploit these for personal gain. Check out the most commonly requested permissions and learn how they're abused.
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It Can Happen to You... And What You Can Do About It
Christopher Budd says his charmed life came to an end one Friday evening, via an email from his credit card company. It asked him if he had made a charge for $268 with an online vitamin seller in Florida? He knew he had not...
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Infographic: Separating Corporate from Personal Data on Mobile Devices INFOGRAPHIC
Separating Corporate from Personal Data on Mobile Devices
The "Bring Your Own Device" to work trend is creating issues of data protection and privacy for both employees and the organizations they work for. Another complication is 70% of employees surveyed are using company-owned tablets to download personal apps.
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What We're Reading Blog Series KEEPPING KIDS SAFE ONLINE
Parents Should Relax, Protecting Student Data, and More
Trend Micro blogger Lynette Owens reviews a new book by danah boyd. The book, It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, is about adolescents' behaviors online and recommends ways for parents to get involved with their children's online lives.
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Customer Reviews for Trend Micro Titanium™ Maximum Security
Overall rating: 4.8 of 5 Stars
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