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Blog: 10 Suggestions for Your 2014 Online Security Resolutions NEW YEAR CHECKLIST
Internet Security Resolutions for 2014
We have compiled 10 Internet security resolutions for 2014 that are based upon Simply Security blogs from the past few months. Start your new year armed with best-practice suggestions from Trend Micro threat defense experts and employees.
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Blog: Info About Recent Retail Data Breaches in the US IDENTITY THEFT RISKS
Information about Target and Neiman Marcus Data Breaches
To help you better understand what's going on with the recent data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus department stores and what you should do, we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to break out the issues and explain them for you.
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Blog: Snapchat User Data Exposed in Huge Data Theft EROSION OF PRIVACY
Snapchat User Data Exposed in Huge Data Theft
The names and phone numbers of more than 4.5 million Snapchat users have been published on a website by cyber attackers. Trend Micro security guru Rik Ferguson says apps like Snapchat are helping with the erosion of privacy.
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Trend Micro Mobile Security Trial EXPERT ADVICE
Protecting Yourself against Online Identity Theft
Threat analyst Vic Hargrave says the recipe for preventing your identity from being stolen on the Internet includes equal parts of common sense and being aware of threats, and using the tools provided by security software—such as Trend Micro Titanium™.
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Blog: Being Cyber Savvy is as Easy as PIE PROTECTION, INTUITION, EDUCATION
Being Cyber Savvy is as Easy as PIE
To be cyber savvy or not to be cyber savvy? There's no question. You have to be. Being tech savvy is important but it's not enough—knowing how to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm online is perhaps the most important part of being cyber savvy.
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